Elden Ring player spends 85 hours beating the game with quintuple the enemies, even Malenia

Elden Ring
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The Lands Between is a harsh and unforgiving place full of enemies that can cut you to shreds in a matter of seconds if you're not careful. But some players - those blessed with superhuman skill and reflexes - think Elden Ring is 'too easy'. Case in point, Twitch Streamer Ainrun, who decided to add more challenge to FromSoftware's latest by playing with a mod that multiplies the number of enemies in the game by five. Unfortunately for them, that meant they had to take on five versions of the game's bosses at once.

The lofty challenge Ainrun recently set for themselves was spotted by Twitter user Jake Lucky who shared a short clip of the streamer's gruelling battle against the five Malenias. As the footage shows, the streamer remains surprisingly calm as they dodge a near-endless barrage of sword swings from the various copies of Elden Ring's notoriously difficult boss. With some swift spellcasting, they manage to take each one down until Malenia is no more.

In total, it took Ainrun 85 hours to complete the game - an impressive figure considering a playthrough can easily take upwards of one hundred hours when you're only going up against the regular number of opponents. Having managed to defeat the game's final boss, er, final fives bosses, the streamer summed up the experience on Twitter by saying, "This was the worst thing I've ever done in my life, and I played Dota 2 for 10 years."

This isn't the only impressive achievement Ainrun has managed to pull off in Elden Ring. Earlier this year, they beat the entire game in just two and a half hours without levelling up or getting hit.

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