Elden Ring streamer completes the game without getting hit or leveling up

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A new speedrun attempt has seen someone complete the entire game without leveling up or getting hit… and without skipping the optional Grafted Scion boss fight.

In just two and a half hours, streamer Ainrun - who says they have been "doing no-hit runs and speed runs of From Software games ever since 2020" - livestreamed the entire Elden Ring runthrough… complete with an earlier failed attempt that saw them get hit right at the end of the very final boss fight.

You can check out the final couple of glorious minutes right here in this clip of their Twitch stream:

"I’ve been doing no-hit runs and speed runs of From Software games ever since 2020, starting with Dark Souls 1," Ainrun told Kotaku. "I personally feel like [skipping the Grafted Scion boss battle] breaks a sequence that the developers intended you to go through to progress with the game, so I opt to do the fight.

"I spent a lot of time practicing it, looking for openings to take advantage of," they added. "I was also motivated by the fact that a majority of other players choose to skip this boss. In my opinion, a 'challenge' run like what I’ve done is supposed to be challenging, [so] using shortcuts doesn’t really make sense."

Someone also recently completed a full three-hour run without getting hit, whilst another world-record speedrun has completed the entire game in less than seven minutes. Six minutes and 46 seconds, to be precise.

A survey of Elden Ring players recently revealed what we love most about FromSoftware's open-world RPG, from our favorite weapons and spirit ashes, to our favorite NPCs, areas of the map, and boss battles, of course. And yes, it's still the best-selling game of 2022 in the US, having placed first in dollar sales in four of its first five months since it was released.

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