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Elden Ring
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Knowing where to find Elden Ring merchants is hugely helpful if you want certain items. What each sells varies and many useful things can only be found with one vendor or another. Finding any of these Elden Ring Merchants will always be useful, however, as they all sell a range helpful resources, weapons, armor and more. You can even buy every starter classes' initial loadout, for example, if you know which seller has what. 

It makes every one of these characters individually useful in Elden Ring, with unique stock to be found at each site that can include very useful items depending on your needs - if you don't have certain cookbooks, say, you may be left buying poison cures instead of crafting them to pick one very pertinent example. So, to give your purchasing power the maximum potential, we're going to show you where to find all the Elden Ring merchants here, complete with a map and a list of everything important they sell.

Where to find merchants in Elden Ring

Where to find all Elden Ring merchants

Elden Ring merchant locations

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We've found twelve travelling nomadic merchants around Elden Ring and the Lands Between, though this is discounting all the special NPCs who sell other items like Patches, Rogier, Brother Coryhn and Iji the Blacksmith. For one thing, special NPC merchants usually aren't as simple as being only merchants, requiring a boss fight or dealing in very certain stock, and they're also prone to moving around - either going to the Roundtable Hold or even leaving it. Check the maps for where to find merchants, and read on for special items they have in stock.

Elden Ring Merchants in early-game areas

Merchant locations in Limgrave, Caelid, Dragonbarrow, Weeping Peninsula and Liurnia (South)

Elden Ring merchant locations

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  1. Down by the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, this merchant is good for aspiring mages - they sell the Astrologer's Staff, the Estoc, a good Kite Shield and the Astrologer's armor set, as well as a Lantern.
  2. The first merchant you'll likely find, your friend at the Church of Elleh sells the vital Crafting Kit, as well as a Cracked Pot, Telescope, multiple cookbooks and the Chain armor set.
  3. Very close to the start, down the beach from the Coastal Cave, here you can buy a Shortbow, a Broadsword (a great starting weapon), and even a simple Club.
  4. In the Isolated Merchant's Shack of the Weeping Peninsula, this merchant sells a Lantern, two Stonesword Keys, a colossal sword called a Zweihander, and a Lost Ashes of War.
  5. Right next to the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, this well-stocked merchant has a variety of gear worth considering. A Cracked Pot, Stonesword Key, Bastard Sword, Light Crossbow, Iron armor set and a Talisman that boosts your max health are all here.
  6. On the forest's edge East of Mistwood Ruins, this hidden merchant sells Trina's Lily, a Hand Axe weapon, some shields, a variety of meat-themed crafting items and St. Trinia's Arrows, which can put foes to sleep.
  7. In the Isolated Merchant's Shack in Dragonbarrow, this merchant has some useful gear - a Ritual Pot, two Lost Ashes of War, a Spiked Caestus fist weapon and the entire Land of Reeds (or Samurai) armor set.
  8. Check the crossroads that curve under the Aeonia Swamp, connecting to the path down towards Redmane Castle next to the Map Fragment beacon. The merchant there sells a Stonesword Key, a Cracked Pot, the Champion armor set and a good Greathelm helmet.
  9. This merchant is actually underground, in the catacombs Northeast of the Siofra River. You can access this area via the lift East of Mistwood, then head for the climbable scaffolding in the open area and climb up and around to the ruins. They sell a Larval Tear and three Stonesword Keys. If you don't know why Tears are so valuable (and they are), check out our guide on the Elden Ring respec and Larval Tears  system.

Elden Ring Merchants in late-game areas

Merchant locations in Mt. Gelmir, Altus Plateau, Leyndell, Mountaintops of the Giants and Liurnia (North)

Elden Ring merchant locations

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  1. Just North of the Bellum Church Site of Grace, ride over to the cliffedge and look down to see this merchant under a rock outcropping. They sell three Rune Arcs
  2. Right next to the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace, up on the destroyed bridge next to the portal. They sell three Stonesword Keys, a variety of good shields, and a bulky Tree Surcoat torso armor.
  3. Though right next to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, you'll need to loop around to the East side of the cliffs next to the Shack of the Lofty and horse-boost up. Then follow the path curving around the South side to reach this merchant, who sells three Rune Arcs, Three Stonesword Keys, and the Vagabond Knight armor set

How to find Merchants in Elden Ring

How to find merchants in Elden Ring 

Elden Ring merchant locations

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Elden Ring map fragments

Elden Ring gameplay trailer

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Looking to find all the Elden Ring map fragments? We've got the entire collection and how to fill the whole map here!

Merchants in Elden Ring are spread all over the map, with some being hidden much more than others. However, they all look very similar, with only colour changes in their clothing to mark them out. Kalé at the Church of Elleh should give you some idea of what to look for - the campfires help mark them out, as well as the usual mule, tufted hoods and sometimes a few boxes or bags thrown around. They're always worth finding - their stock marks some of the key Elden Ring armor locations, or an easy way to get hold of some Elden Ring Stonesword Keys.

When you find a merchant, make sure to put down a marker on the map! You have a hundred to put down in total and you'll thank yourself for doing it later.

You'll also find other characters who sell you things, but tend to be more specialised than the merchants you encounter on a standard basis, such as Sorcerer Rogier. Most of these peddlers, especially in the early game, will make their way to the Roundtable Hold at some point for convenience's sake, a useful hub area.

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