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Elden Ring cheats are a popular want considering the game's notorious difficulty. With mods and cheats that allow for more health, an easier experience, or even just upgrades and additions to the game, Elden Ring has already amassed a robust and unofficial library of mods and basic cheats. If you're interested in them though, it won't be easy to set them up without a little bit of help - and that's where we come in. This guide we'll explain the basics of Elden Ring cheats - can you use cheats, how do you install them, and which ones should you pick?

Can you cheat in Elden Ring?

Can you use cheats in Elden Ring?

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You can use cheats in Elden Ring, but only on the PC version of the game, and only with outside mods. There aren't any built-in cheat codes for any version of the game, no up-down-left-right PS2-era fun, so you have to go outside for those, and there's currently no way to use cheats, unofficial or not, in any console version of the game that we know of. Nor do there appear to be any plans by FromSoftware to change that in the future. It's purely in the purview of the community to create working mods and alterations to Elden Ring in an unofficial capacity - and because consoles don't really support such things, that means it's only for PC players.

How to download cheats

How to download cheats and mods for Elden Ring and install them

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Elden Rings cheats aren't in-game options, so any cheats you use are going to have to be mods created by other players. And let's get this out of the way before reading on: download mods at your own risk. Remember that none of these creations are licensed by FromSoftware or Bandai Namco, and you are always effectively downloading files from strangers designed to alter your existing computer data. That's not to say that all mods are bad - far from it - but that you should always be careful regardless and recognise the innate perils in modding games.

Any cheats you use will have to be downloaded from sites like Nexus Mods, which has already got a large array of Elden Ring cheats and mods to choose from. Most of these mods (especially the larger, more reputable ones) come with manuals and explanations of how to install them, which usually involves copying the downloaded files into Elden Ring's folders in some way. Some of these mods (but not all) will also require a secondary program called Cheat Engine. Check the description to see if you need it, and follow the information accordingly. If you're not sure about a mod's safety or functionality, try to find what other players have said about it. 

Should you use cheats?

Should you use cheats in Elden Ring?

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While we certainly don't judge players for effectively tinkering with something they own, it's important to exhibit caution and understanding of what you're doing when it comes to cheats. For a start, it's important to note that very few Elden Ring mods or cheats work while the game is being played online. In most cases the game has to be switched offline both before and while they're installed - due to a combination of the game's anticheat measures and the fact that it wouldn't be fair in PVP if players could summon hacks to help them. There's a genuine risk of players who use cheats being banned from the game if these cheats and mods are registered, so make sure you follow the advice given by the mod creator exactly - you don't want your high level character getting erased by FromSoftware. 

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