Our 10 favorite PS5 accessories on sale for Black Friday

Black Friday PS5 deals accessories
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In among the never-ending sea of bombastic discounts, sales, and price reductions that we're seeing today across the mega products, it can sometimes be hard to focus, or re-focus, on those smaller things that will accentuate setup for less - that's where things like these Black Friday PS5 accessory deals come in.

Such is their spread, depth, and variety, there's plenty to be had among the Black Friday PS5 deals when it comes to accessories - both official and third-party. We've narrowed it down to a solid list of 10 here for you so you can get a refined, but option-filled, look at the Black Friday PS5 accessory deal lineup.

Whether you're looking to expand your storage - internally or externally - to cater for the burgeoning cross-generational library we're enjoying, get a headset upgrade with one of the official models, add another pad to your setup, or check out those slightly more niche PS5 accessories, then these Black Friday PS5 deals are for you. You might even find the two 'largest' of our picks are extremely tempting too and lead you to reconfigure your wider setup...

So, tuck in on these, our top 10 favorite Black Friday PS5 accessory deals that are still guaranteeing you big discounts, and great low prices. And below them, you'll see some more prices on yet more of our favorite PS5 accessories too, just to provide some more quick link options.

The best Black Friday PS5 deals on accessories

PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset | $99.99 $69 at Walmart
Save $31; lowest ever price -

PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset | $99.99 $69 at Walmart
Save $31; lowest ever price - This lowest ever price on the brilliant official headset is still available! We've never seen this price before on the awesome set, and frankly, we're surprised it's still available to jump on. Arguably the best PS5 accessory you can buy. Great deal.

UK: £89.99 £69.99 at Currys

PS5 DualSense Controller (White) | $69.99 $49 at Walmart
Save $21 -

PS5 DualSense Controller (White) | $69.99 $49 at Walmart
Save $21 - There's never a bad time to pick up an extra controller regardless of your platform. The opportunity to get something so excellent as the DualSense for the lowest ever price makes that proposal as close to a no-brainer as possible. Click through here and you'll also see the other colorways reduced.

UK: White - £60.36 £39.99 at Amazon

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station | $29.99 $22.99 at Amazon
Save $7

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station | $29.99 $22.99 at Amazon
Save $7 - Among the other PS5 accessories that don't enhance your gaming experience - like the DualSense or Pulse 3D heradset - the charging dock station is probably the most useful of the extra PS5 accessories in my opinion. Perfect for freeing up your console's USB ports nad making sure you're always charged.

UK: £24.99 £19.99 at John Lewis

PlayStation Media Remote | $29.99 $19.99 at AmazonSave $10

PlayStation Media Remote | $29.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Save $10 - TA little more niche now, but the media remote has its place given the PS5's ability to replace a TV or cable aerial's job. If you use the console to stream and watch TV then this is an invaluable PS5 accessory and a great deal at this price.

UK: £24.99 £17.99 at Currys

PlayStation HD Camera | $59 $53 at Walmart
Save $6

PlayStation HD Camera | $59 $53 at Walmart
Save $6
- Finishing the set of the official PS5 accessory family, the camera is the most niche, but has its purpose for those who stream with the ir PS5 particularly. This is only a small saving, but if you're looking to complete the set, then it's still offering good v alue - especially if you take advantage of the savings on any of the other accessories.

UK: £49.99 £39.99 at Very

WD BLACK P40 external SSD | 1TB | $179.99 $104.99 at AmazonSave $75

WD BLACK P40 external SSD | 1TB | $179.99 $104.99 at Amazon
Save $75 - This excellent PS5 external hard drive has steadily come down in price in October and November, but today it has reached a properly low price, and a new record bargain, so to speak. There's also a timer on this AMazon listing page now so we don't think it'll go any lower -but getting 1TB of excellent external game storage for just over $100 is a great deal!

UK: £232.99 £138.99 at Amazon

Samsung 980 PRO | 1TB | $299.99 $119.99 at Walmart
Save $180

Samsung 980 PRO | 1TB | $299.99 $119.99 at Walmart
Save $180 - This is a wonderful, wonderful Black Friday PS5 deal. Getting this quality of storage - some of the best in the game - for a lowest ever price of just over the three-figure mark, is exquisite value. I'll just remind you that this was a $250/£250 PS5 SSD when it came out only a fraction over a year ago too. Walmart seems to be playing a bit fast and loose with the MSRP here, but this drive was selling for $150 earlier this month, so jump on it now!

UK: £143.79 £97.99 at Amazon

Sony INZONE H7 | $229.99 $128 at Amazon
Save $82

Sony INZONE H7 | $229.99 $128 at Amazon
Save $82 - Looking for something that's a little more premium for your headset-shaped PS5 accessory? Then this lowest-ever price on the terrific H7 wireless headset is worthy of your consideration - nad money. Impressing since the range released, the INZOE headsets are at home both on PS5 and PC.

UK: £199 £149 at Amazon

Sony INZONE M9 monitor | $898 $798 at Walmart
Save $100

Sony INZONE M9 monitor | $898 $798 at Walmart
Save $100 - vffvvv

UK: £999 £899 at Amazon

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV | 55-inch | $2,999.99 $2,498 at Amazon
Save $502; lowest ever price

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV | 55-inch | $2,999.99 $2,498 at Amazon
Save $502; lowest ever price - Perhaps a bit of a push to call this a  PS5 accessory but this is absolutely one of our top deals of the entire season and we are never shy about recommending it. The A95K made waves this year in the TV market, and is probably the objectively best TV to come from this year's lines - predictably it's the perfect PS5 companion too, and will offer the best big-screen experience for you and your PlayStation.

UK: £2,699 £2,095 at Box

If you're looking for something slightly different or just want to keep your options open, then check out some more of the lowest prices on great PS5 accessories below.

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