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Madden 21
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It's the perfect time to hunt down the best Madden 21 prices given the glorious confluence of a new football season and almost next-gen season. A potent mix – and one that should have you hunting down the best Madden 21 deals and prices, especially if you’ve suddenly got the itch to step out on the virtual field once more in either Ultimate Team or Franchise Mode.

It’ll look even better on PS5 and Xbox Series X too. The Dual Entitlement program – which lets you buy on PS4 and Xbox One and get a free upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X – means it’s essentially a no-brainer to commit now and snag a truly next-gen game for potentially cheaper than anything else that can be found in the lineup of PS5 launch games or Xbox Series X launch games. Result.

You won’t be locked out before then either. Rest easy in the knowledge that, if you buy now, you can play Madden 21 immediately. Then from November 12 on next-gen you can continue with Xbox Series X backwards compatibility and PS5 backwards compatibility. That’ll really fill out your library, letting you rack up the touchdowns until the next-gen patch launches on December 4, 2020. Your Ultimate Team and Franchise saves also come with you on next-gen. Again: it just makes sense to take advantage of a good Madden 21 price now, just in case there’s a next-gen price (hut hut) hike. We'll update this page as often as we can when we get more news on those stand-alone next-gen Madden prices too if they appear.

This year, EA also aims to give you more bang for your buck with three editions: the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and the Lamar Jackson-adorned MVP Edition. Below, we’ll detail what you get with each package, allowing you to make an informed choice. We’ll even compare and contrast the best Madden 21 deals and prices across some of your favourite retailers and stores so you have the luxury of choice.

And if you need a console to go with your brand new copy of Madden 21? Check out the current best PS5 price, as well as the lowdown on Xbox Series X deals.

Get the best Madden 21 prices and deals

It pays to shop around. But we’ve run the hard yards so you don’t have to. Below, you’ll find the best Madden 21 prices and deals across the US and UK. That’s for all three currently available editions, too, should you want to treat yo’self and get some extra Ultimate Team packs and other goodies in the Deluxe and MVP Editions.

Madden 21 prices - Standard Edition

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It may be the vanilla version, but Madden 21’s base game still comes with some extra incentives: 1) Not only is it cheaper – perfect if you want to save the pennies and cents for another title come next-gen season, but 2) If you’re a Madden vet, you get some bonus items. If you own at least one of the past three years’ worth of Maddens, you’re entitled to at least one Fantasy Pack. It’s also the only version available as a physical disc as of writing. Worth knowing if you want to bulk out your current Madden collection.

Madden 21 deals - Deluxe Edition

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Now we’re talking. The Deluxe Edition is slightly pricier, but comes with 7 Ultimate Team Gold Fantasy Packs for you to open. That’ll help you get a head start on some of the competition. Also, if you’ve got an eye towards a disc-free console, then this is currently the cheapest digital version of Madden 21 that money can buy. Be warned UK fans: this is in extremely short supply as of writing.

Madden 21 prices - MVP Edition

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The Big Kahuna. The MVP Edition has all you need for Ultimate Team players: 12 packs, a Large Training Pack, Madden Championship Series Ultimate Champion Pack, and even a Lamar Jackson Elite Item with Power Up. That’ll provide a solid a foundation as any for those looking to talk smack and dishing out sacks in the lead-up to the holiday season. 

Again, not much doing across the pond in terms of availability. Worth noting for next year in case you want to pre-order, mind.

Getting the most out of Madden 21

Whether you’re sticking with your current consoles, want a little boost, or are fully committed to next-gen, there are several things you need to consider when getting the most out of Madden 21.

The best PS4 Pro deals are definitely worth checking out, as are the current Xbox One X deals. Next-gen is where it’s at, though: the PS5 deals and Xbox Series X deals have started already and, come December 4, will offer improved graphics and performance for Madden 21, as well as the ability to fire up your console and start games in seconds.

Now that your console has been sorted, it’s worth levelling up the rest of your kit. The best gaming TVs are here for those looking to upgrade everything for next-gen. Plus, nothing beats the comfort of the best gaming chair. Whether you’ve choked a 28-3 lead or are looking for a fourth-quarter come-from-behind win, it pays to be reclined and relaxed when tossing the rock.

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