Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices: get the best deals now on the remake and the upcoming Intergrade version

Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices: get the cheapest and best deals now
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It's been out for a while now but finding the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake price is still going to be a tempter for those yet to revisit - or visit for the first time - the world of Midgard and the epic game and story which make FF7 one of the most highly rated games of all time. 

In our Final Fantasy 7 Remake review, Heather said "As a retelling of a classic with plenty of surprises in store, the Remake offers engaging experiences for longtime fans and newcomers alike. Its action-packed combat, engrossing story, and gorgeously detailed setting successfully reminds you why Final Fantasy 7 is beloved by so many." If that doesn't get you excited - returning players or new - then I don't know what will - so peruse the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices here.

Note: it's worth remembering that PS Plus members can get the best kind of Final Fantasy 7 Remake price this month as the game is FREE via PlayStation's membership. If you need one of those or are thinking about adding some more months, then check out our cheap PS Plus deals page. Also, if you're eyeing up the recently announced 'Intergrade' version then acquiring the game via PS Plus won't quite streamline the process of getting the free upgrade that Intergrade offers: you have to have a bought edition of the game to get that. You can check out the prices of the versions below as we round up the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake Prices, starting off with the standard edition for PS4.

Anyway, prices are fluctuating a bit now that it's out in the wild, but it is still a great time to strike if you find one you want. Above are all the latest Standard Edition prices, while below you'll find links to the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices for the Deluxe Edition and Integrade edition, all from the usual suspects.

We've thrown in some of the relevant art books at the bottom for you to consider to go alongside the game's release or to enjoy and fill the gap between now and the release date. Thus, you have all the tools you need to make an informed decision as to which Final Fantasy 7 Remake deal is for you before you hit the go button.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices - Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the recently announced PS5 'enhanced and expanded' version of Final Fantasy 7 remake coming to PS5. It's going t release n June 10, 2021, and brings visual and graphical enhancements, a new Photo Mode, and a new storyline with Yuffie to the party. 

You'll see the latest prices for Integrade below but there are some important caveats to make you aware of. First, if you own Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4 (either on disc or digitally) you will be eligible for a FREE upgrade to Intergrade - but not if you acquired the Remake via PS Plus. You will also have to buy the PS5 version to play the Yuffie content too. Make sense? We think so... but if any of this information changes, we'll be sure to update this as and when we can.

Intergrade is going to pop in and out of pre-order stock, we predict, as more and more retailers slowly put up pages and offer the chance to bag it. As a result, the inevitably reliable Amazon might be the best place to start - just in case our price-finding wizardry above doesn't provide any immediate hits.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices - Deluxe Edition (PS4)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices

(Image credit: Square Enix)

As well as the standard edition that our deal-finding tool above has shown the current prices for, the larger Deluxe Edition is also, generally, available and represents the biggest way to celebrate the remake of this classic. It's been sold at more retailers in the US but stock is fluctuating, while in the UK it is a GAME exclusive. This is comfortably more expensive than the standard edition but considering what you get, it's a pretty swell deal. The Deluxe Edition gets you: 

  • A Sephiroth Steelbook Case.
  • The full PS4 physical game.
  • A hardback art book featuring concept art.
  • A mini-soundtrack CD.
  • The Summon Materia DLC enabling the summoning of Cactuar in game.

The Deluxe Edition is proving a little harder to find sometimes, and stock in the US is fluctuating a fair bit. Just in case it evades our deal-finding tool above, here are some direct links to the big retailers where you can try your luck.

US Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition price links

Amazon | Best Buy | Walmart | GameStop

Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices - Other Items

Final Fantasy 7 Remake prices

(Image credit: Dark Horse)

There are some little extras to be found that might really complement your Final Fantasy 7 Remake deal. The Sky artbooks listed below are for the slipcased edition of the book which includes all three volumes in one delectable package. If you're going to enjoy the art of Final Fantasy, why would you only get one volume anyway? The Ultimania Archives don't come in a bundle as such but with each volume covering a handful of the first 14 games each, they are ripe for the picking. (For convenience if you are just looking for one, Ultimania Archive Volume 2 is the one that covers FF7.)

US links

UK links

Getting the most out of your Final Fantasy 7 Remake deal

Naturally, the best way to enjoy you're Final Fantasy 7 Remake deal is going to be with the most fully kitted-out and augmented PlayStation setup that you can manage. This means, as is the way with a lot of more recent games, you're best bet for hardware is the premium PS4 Pro, so you need to check out the best PS4 Pro deals, to get a great deal and to soak up those gorgeous visuals. To enhance this further, it's probably worth considering one of the best gaming TVs to soak up every detail of those environments too. And finally, enjoy the game's audio by catch every nuance with one of the best PS4 headsets.

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