Best PS4 Pro bundle deals - where to buy Sony’s 4K PS4 console cheapest

ps4 pro bundle deals

Why pick up a PS4 Pro bundle deal? After all, it's more expensive than the regular console, so what do you actually get? The biggest advantage is the visual upgrade to 4K for all compatible PS4 games, along with the use of HDR. Not only that, the Pro has a larger hard drive as standard (1TB, instead of 500GB in the normal PS4 Slim), so you can store more games. There are quicker, more efficient components in the PS4 Pro too, and it isn't hugely more expensive than the base model. If you can find a good one, a good PS4 Pro bundle deal is the best value way to go Sony.

The deals we’ve dug up for you include bundles for players in both the US and UK, with a great range of upcoming and released titles, including console exclusive Spider-Man, the ever-popular battle royale shooter Fortnite, and the snazzy Glacier White Destiny 2 bundle. If you’re in the market for the normal version of the console, you can check out our breakdown of the cheapest console-only options, or take a gander at our Spider-Man PS4 best price options. This is all you need to grab a new PS4 Pro console, and get started with the best PS4 games out there.

Why buy a PS4 Pro?

While the PS4 Pro might not be the most powerful console on the market, it has the best platform exclusive games with award-winning title’s like Horizon Zero Dawn, and Until Dawn, as well as being home to the renowned Uncharted series, and the only place to play Naughty Dog’s upcoming sequel to its gritty, post-apocalyptic adventure, The Last of Us. 

If you have a 1080p TV and are considering an upgrade in the near future, the console will bolster the graphics of a huge list of games with its supersample anti-aliasing. You can find out which PS4 titles support the feature in our list of every PS4 game with confirmed PS4 Pro support, as well as checking out our round-up of the best 4K TVs for gaming.  And if you want to find out more, we answer the question of whether you buy a PS4 Pro if you don't have (or aren't planning on getting) a 4K TV.

The best PS4 Pro console only deals

If you're already sorted when it comes to your PS4 games library, and you're just in the market for a new console, you can opt for a no-frills, basic bundle that comes with a PS4 Pro and controller. It includes everything you need to get set up. And here's how to transfer your PS4 content to your PS4 Pro.

The best US PS4 Pro deals and bundles 

Limited Edition PS4 Pro 1TB + Marvel's Spider-Man for $602
Oh, blimey, this is a bit expensive. This Spidey limited edition console is very tough to find, hence the high price.View Deal

Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro 1TB + game for $429
Show your support for your faction of choice with this swish-looking console and snazzy controller. It's a refurb but comes with a full guarantee. View Deal

Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro 1TB + game for $698
This is by no means cheap, but considering how hard it is to find, this slick-looking console can be considered an investment, and comes with a fantastic console-exclusive game to boot. View Deal

PS4 Pro 1TB console + two controllers for $559
While this isn't a game bundle, you might find yourself in need of a console with two controllers, rather than the standard one that the PS4 Pro is usually sold with. Dive straight into co-op games with this bundle.View Deal

The best UK PS4 Pro bundle deals 

Limited Edition PS4 Pro 1TB console + Marvel's Spider-Man for £329
Unlike in the US, this Spidey limited edition console is still available at a normal price. Snap it up now, while stocks last, because in a few weeks... it'll be super expensive.View Deal

Limited Edition PS4 Pro 1TB console + Marvel's Spider-Man + Elder Scrolls Online + 2 months of NOW TV for £350
If you fancy dabbling in an MMO RPG and sampling a subscription to an online streaming service, as well as getting your Spidey fix, this is the bundle for you.View Deal

Limited Edition PS4 Pro 1TB console + Marvel's Spider-Man + Elder Scrolls Online + GAMEware headset + 2 month of NOW TV for £366
This is the same deal as above, but for an extra £15 you can get a GAME branded headset thrown in for good measure.View Deal

PS4 Pro 1TB console + FIFA 19 for £350
FIFA fans can get their hands on this year's title, that comes complete with FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icons and Rare Player Pack. You can pre-order now for launch on September 28.View Deal

Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro 1TB + game for £433
Play as an Imperial soldier in the single-player campaign, or wreak havoc in one of nine online multiplayer modes on a super stylish console with matching controller. View Deal

PS4 Pro 1TB console with Fortnite + 500 V-Bucks + Royal Bomber pack for £395
Bundled with the wildly popular battle royale shooter Fortnite, the Royal Bomber pack includes 500 V-Bucks, and a Royal Bomber character outfit. View Deal

Glacier White PS4 Pro 1TB with Destiny 2 for £300
Grab your fellow Guardians and dive into this MMO FPS that includes the expansion pass so that you can play the post-launch content as well as the base game. Plus you're saving around £50!View Deal

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