Best PS4 bundle and PS4 Pro bundle deals June 2018


If you've been wowed by all the big games at E3, now is absolutely the time to pick up a PS4 bundle deal. The console has never been cheaper, and most retailers are now running special deals on PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles to take advantage of all the buzz coming out of E3. This basically means you can pick up a PS4 bundle seriously cheap, and you may even be able to buy a limited edition PS4 console for a low price... which will increase in value as their limited stock runs out. Sony is also discounting loads of top games - like God of War - so expect to see many PS4 bundles including these too. Again, there's never been a better time to buy.

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US readers - buy it for $418 from Amazon
UK readers - buy it for £249 from Amazon

Our promise to you is that we only recommend the very best PS4 games with each bundle, too, so you don't end up buying a console and getting a poor game. Many retailers use bundles to shift unpopular games - but we know what the best titles you can get for PS4 are. We'll also tell you how big the hard drive is in each console, so you know how many of the upcoming PS4 games or free PS Plus games you'll be able to fit on there. If you want to spend less money now, and maybe upgrade your storage later, here's a run-down of the best PS4 external hard drives. And here's where you get a new PS4 controller for less cash too. And if you're looking to use your new PS4 to branh out into virtual reality, we also have the best PlayStation VR deals for you. 

The US bundle deals are up top, but you can skip straight to the UK bundle deals here or to the Australian bundle deals here.

The best US PS4 Pro bundle deals 

PS4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition God of War console (with game) for $537
Yes, it's pricey, but this Limited Edition PS4 Pro with God of War styling is super exclusive, and it's gorgeous. Just take a look!View Deal

PS4 Pro 1TB console - Star Wars Battlefront 2 Limited Edition - plus game $484
This stylish, limited edition PS4 Pro comes with the excellent Star Wars Battlefront 2. Looks great and will go up in value!

The best US PS4 bundle deals 

PS4 Slim 500GB with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare AND Modern Warfare Remastered for $358
Two amazing COD games with a new PS4 console? This is a great bargain, and the best PS4 slim bundle on offer right now.View Deal

PS4 Slim 1TB, Star Wars Battlefront 2 for $399.99
This console is great if you want more space for storing games - as it has a bigger hard drive. Plus it comes with the ace Battlefront 2.View Deal

PS4 500GB Limited Edition Uncharted 4 console (with game) - $474.99
Uncharted 4 is one of the best games on PS4, and this Limited Edition console looks brilliant. A great bundle, although it's rare now, so a little pricier.View Deal

The best US PS VR bundle deals

PS VR, PS Camera, Gran Turismo Sport for $244.96
This neat bundle comes with the vital PlayStation camera, and a copy of GT Sport. This is the lowest price we've seen PlayStation VR! Under $250 is a great price for this kit.View Deal

PS VR, PS Camera, Doom VFR for $279.99
This ace bundle includes Doom VFR and the PlayStation camera, which is everything you need to go VR.View Deal

UK deals

The best UK PS4 Pro bundle deal

PS4 Pro 1TB console with God of War for £349
The best console in the world with the best game for that console? For less than £350? This is an absolute bargain.View Deal

PS4 Pro 1TB console with Detroit: Become Human for £349
If you want a great, story-driven game with your PS4 Pro, this is the bundle for you. Detroit is amazing, and you essentially get it free with the console.View Deal

The best UK PS4 bundle deals 

PS4 Slim 500GB console with God of War for £249.99
A PS4 Slim costs £249 on its own, so £249 for the console AND PS4's hottest game - God of War - is brilliant.View Deal

PS4 Slim 500GB console with FIFA 18 and Crash Bandicoot AND 12 months of PS Plus for £329.99
This is incredible value. A new PS4, two top games, and 12 months of PS Plus (worth £50) for less than £330. Yes please.View Deal

The best UK PS VR bundle deals

PS VR, PS Camera, PlayStation VR Worlds for £259.00
All the kit you need to go VR and experience a new way of playing, plus a great collection of great games. Bargain! View Deal

PS VR, PS Camera, PlayStation VR Worlds, Superhot VR for £274.95
Superhot is amazing in VR, and this bundle includes the headset, VR Worlds, and Skyrim VR. Get involved in a whole new way of playing!View Deal

The best PS4 Pro console only deals

The best PS4 console only deals

Australian deals

The best Australian PS4 Pro bundle deal

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB for $519
There are no worthwhile Pro bundles on in Australia at the moment, but Amazon is currently offering the best price locally for a standalone console.View Deal

The best Australian PS4 bundle deals 

PS4 Slim 1TB with Far Cry 5, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted Lost Legacy for $499
Three great games thrown in with a brand new 1TB PS4 Slim. A great place to start if you've yet to dive into the Sony eco-system.View Deal

The best Australian PS VR bundle deals

PlayStation VR, with PlayStation Camera and Gran Turismo Sport for $349
One of the cheapest offers yet for a PSVR setup – and you get the latest Gran Turismo as well!View Deal

The best DualShock 4 deals

If you still haven't quite made your mind up on which console is right for you, then check out our best Xbox One X and Xbox One S bundle deals for more hardware offers.

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