Rarest and most expensive limited edition PS4 consoles (and where to buy them)

While it’s tempting to join the ranks of the Day One Elite whenever a new console first releases, doing so means you’ll be stuck with the original machine for at least a while, potentially missing out on all the lovely redesigns and limited editions set to come in future… unless, of course, you’re a collector or have money to burn. If you fall into either of these two camps, hot darn has Sony got you covered. You don’t have to look far to get your fill of limited edition PS4 consoles. And depending on the game/event each one was tied in with, most don’t reach too far into the absurd to be considered an eye sore. 

However, the following PS4 consoles were dubbed ‘limited edition’ for a reason, only available at retail for a brief time before gradually gaining status as a collector’s item. Here we’ve gathered some of the rarest, most expensive limited edition PS4 consoles currently floating around the online marketplace; those that are sure to tantalise the taste buds of diehard PS4 players. All are still available to buy in some capacity, whether they’re pre-owned or still pristine in the box. Want a piece of PS4 history that also plays the best PS4 games? Snap up any one of these! And if you're looking for something more sensible, check out the best PS4 Pro deals and the best PS4 bundle deals out there.

1. Marvel's Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro

The latest limited edition PS4 console is also one of the boldest and brightest, very much in keeping with the boundless joy embodied by Marvel’s popular wall-crawler. There are a couple of different spec iterations depending on what region you’re in, but the aesthetic for all of them features the unmissable new Spiderman logo redesign from Insomniac’s open world, superhero epic. The ‘amazing red’ tone is undeniably eye-popping without ever feeling garish as it sits in your console centre, and it’s matched by an exclusive controller also sporting the uplifting colour. Web-swinging in Marvel’s Spider-Man feels good, but it’ll feel even better with this system and its controller in your hands. And here's where to find Spider-Man PS4 cheap, if you want to grab the game.

Current UK price - £387 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$588 new from Amazon.

2. Limited Edition 'Days of Play' PS4

Released to coincide with the launch of PlayStation’s limited time ‘Days of Play’ event 2018, which saw 11 days of unmissable deals hit the store, this limited edition PS4 console is the perfect example of a ‘less is more’ sentiment. With a subtle PlayStation logo sitting snug in the top-right corner and the brand’s now-iconic controller buttons sitting front-and-centre, both elements are beautifully finished in gold against a bold yet understated royal blue tone. There’s something quite regal about this limited edition in general, and as it only released this year, it won’t set you back too much on the open market. 

Current UK price - £348 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$344 new from Amazon.

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Special Edition PS4

While most may have waved goodbye to Nathan Drake with a certain degree of sadness, the loss would have been softened somewhat by commemorating the franchise with this beauty. The limited edition PS4 released alongside Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is coloured a cool and sophisticated gunmetal grey with just a hint of blue, likely representative of the more serious tone present in this last game. The top features silk-screened artwork of Drake himself and the Uncharted logo in gold lettering, rounded off by his ancestor’s motto: ‘Sic Parvis Magna’ or ‘greatness from small beginnings’. You can experience this greatness up close for roughly the £600-mark brand new. Ouch.

Current UK price - £599 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$385 new from Amazon.

4. 500 Million Celebration 2TB PS4 Pro

Now here’s a limited edition that very much lives up to that two-word moniker. Selling out almost immediately after it went on general release just a few months ago (and the pre-orders were done via a lottery), this limited edition PS4 console was launched to celebrate all PlayStation consoles (not just PS4) collectively selling 500 million units worldwide. It sports an undeniably sleek dark blue finish, coupled with a translucent design that allows you to see into the console’s technical innards – a first for a limited edition PS4! Its extremely coveted nature means it’ll will set you back close to £1000 should you want it. But hey, there are only 50,000 in existence after all. 

Current UK price - £1250 new from Amazon. Or £800 on eBay.
Current US price -
$915 new from Amazon. Or $879 on eBay.

5. Metal Gear Solid 5 Special Edition PS4

Chiefly inspired by the look of Venom Snake’s robotic arm, as featured in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, this limited edition PS4 is one for the true tactical espionage action fans out there. Knowing that this would likely be his final Metal Gear (for real this time) Kojima wanted to celebrate with something special. He did so by working with Sony to release this gorgeous crimson red limited edition console, which also features a Diamond Dog logo and gold line detail running across it. Buying it now would cost you anywhere between £300-£500 – not bad considering it released well over three years ago now. 

Current UK price - £540 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$740 new from Amazon. Or $638 from eBay.

6. Final Fantasy 15 Special Edition 1TB PS4

The game that would eventually turn out to be Final Fantasy 15 may have been stuck in development hell for close to ten years, but that was more than enough time to save up and treat yourself to its relevant limited edition PS4 console. The console doesn’t shake up the colour palette too much remaining PS4’s signature black, but it’s all to make the most of the engraved lunar moon image which sits square in the centre. On top you’ll find the Final Fantasy 15 logo laced in gold, with the names of the game’s four protagonists underneath. These days, buying one will usually set you back around £500, although they can be found cheaper.

Current UK price - £330 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$449 new from Amazon.

7. 20th Anniversary Special Edition PS4

Probably the rarest limited edition PS4 console to feature on this list (although the 500 Million is a close second), the 20th anniversary special edition hits like a nostalgia arrow right in the heart, being very much a love letter to the original PlayStation. Coming complete with PS4 camera and controller (both of which were eventually sold separately), they were never officially released for purchase to the public. People obviously want what they can’t have, and the result was that they were sold for silly money online back in late 2014. Only 12,300 of them exist in the world, so you’ll need close to £1,000 to have one in your home. 

Current UK price - £1190 new from Amazon. Or £1000 from eBay.
Current US price -
$1194 new from Amazon. Or $1699 from eBay. Wait, what?

8. Destiny: The Taken King Special Edition PS4

When vanilla Destiny launched in 2014 it was originally the only way you could get yourself a white PS4. That, of course, eventually changed, but this original machine was far surpassed by the release of the Destiny: The Taken King special edition roughly a year later. Guardians who purchased this console would have definitely had trouble keeping their eyes up, let alone down the sights of their Exotic Scout rifle; its combination of gold, glacier white, and custom silk screened artwork looking stunning on the shelf. They are still available to buy new at around £600, and almost half that if preowned.

Current UK price - £599 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$397 new from Amazon.

9. God of War Special Edition PS4 Pro

It was a certainty we’d be treated to a shiny new limited edition PS4 console to celebrate Kratos’ return to form on PS4. Once you get over the fact that the side markings look like an old Sky TV remote from back in the day, this God of War special edition does a great job at communicating the harsh beauty of Norse myth you experience throughout the game. Finished in a colour appropriately called ‘Leviathan Grey’, Sony Santa Monica purposely designed it to resemble Kratos’ new chief weapon. Its accompanying controller features the classic logo square on the touchpad, there to remind you of the role you’ve stepped into every time you bring up the world map. And if you're looking for God of War cheap deals, we've got you covered.

Current UK price - £355 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$850 new from Amazon.

10. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Special Edition PS4 Pro

While the first Star Wars Battlefront’s limited edition Darth Vader console remains divisive to this day, it’s safe to say that this one released in tandem with the sequel represents a significant step up in design quality. The PS4 Pro represents a healthy balance of good vs evil this time around, with the console featuring both the resistance and galactic empire’s signature emblems sandwiching a deep red Inferno squadron symbol. The controller also gets a lot of love with a matrix of the Star Wars logo gracing the touchpad, making this special edition the PS4 console you’ve been looking for. 

Current UK price - £450 new from Amazon.
Current US price -
$582 new from Amazon.

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