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Where to get God of War cheap for Christmas

Kratos and Atreus in God of War

If you haven't played God of War (opens in new tab) on PS4 yet... well, let's just say you're missing out. Gathering a staggering number of perfect scores from critics when it launched, it's probably the best game you'll play in 2018. So, you need to find God of War cheap if you're planning to pick it up for a play over Christmas. Luckily, we've got the solution - all the best prices on the game, pulled from every major online retailer across the globe. 

Getting God of War cheap gets you about 50-60 hours of gaming. The main story can be finished in about 25 hours, but there's a massive stack of extra stuff to see and do, which will keep you playing way longer. Hunting down imprisoned Valkyries, collecting the very best armor, and absorbing all the lore... there's plenty to see and do here. So far, Sony has been silent on DLC plans for God of War, but it's likely we'll see something in 2019. The game plays well on a regular PS4, but you may want a Pro to get the best from it, because it's stunning in 4K. Here are the best PS4 Pro deals (opens in new tab) right now.

The best deals on God of War (PS4)

What other versions of God of War can you buy?

Along with the standard edition of the game, there are several other options to look at, should you still be able to find them. 

A collector’s edition - The Stone Mason Edition - comes loaded with physical extras, including a cloth map, lithograph, two small carved figures, steelbook case and, perhaps best of all, a 9” statue of Kratos and Atreus. The statue is beautifully designed, showing father and son mid-battle. This edition of the game also comes with digital content; a dynamic theme for your PS4, a comic and art book from Dark Horse, the Death’s Vow armour and Exile’s Guardian shield (which boosts XP, luck and adds an enchantment slot).

Here is the God of War Stone Mason edition at Amazon in the US ($229.95) (opens in new tab)
Here is the God of War Stone Mason edition at Amazon in the UK (£239.99) (opens in new tab)

The Limited Edition comes in a steelbook case, with a physical art book from Dark Horse included. While there’s still some digital content, only the dynamic theme, armour and shield are bundled.

Here is the Limited Edition at Amazon in the UK (£129) (opens in new tab).

Are there God of War console bundles?

Don’t already own a PS4 and want this stellar game to be your introduction? There’s a limited edition console to be had, too. A 1TB PS4 Pro decorated in the style of the Leviathan Axe – grey with runic symbols adorning the top of the console itself. The console comes bundled with a physical copy of the ‘Day One’ edition of the game – which includes the digital items and limited edition cover art, as well as a matching DualShock 4 controller. Just, er, beware the shockingly high price - the console has become VERY collectable.

Here is the PS4 Pro God of War limited edition at Amazon in the US (opens in new tab)
Here is the PS4 Pro God of War limited edition at Amazon in the UK (opens in new tab)

The limited edition grey DualShock 4 is available separately, as well as bundles of the standard 500GB PS4, which includes the base version of God of War. If you want something a little cheaper... check out our best PS4 bundle (opens in new tab) deals.

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