Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Asajj Ventress: Innocents of Ryloth

The first thing to do here is switch to Commander Cody, round up the troops, and shoot the gold pillar ahead. Now switch to Waxner and use his attacks to destroy the silver pillar on the left. Next, attack the rocks in the open crevices on both sides and wait for bombs to be thrown at you.

When a bomb arrives, use the Force to guide it up the wall's opening. Make sure you do it quickly before the bomb explodes. Once you do this on both sides, backtrack a bit and use your clone troops to shoot the yellow container. Now assemble the resulting rubble to make a cannon, and shoot a path through the wall.

Run down the street until you see a blue Lego strip and a bunch of pieces that look perfectly ready to assemble. You know what to do. Use the Force to add the nearby satellite dish to your creation, and hop into the giant mech that arrives. Now feel free to wreak havoc. When you reach the gate, simply shoot it down.

In the next area, stomp over all the boarded-up divots in the wall to reveal six big orange buttons. Now jump out of the mech and kill the flying robots that appears near the central door. Re-assembled the dismembered robots to create hooks, and use a clone to pull them.

The beasts that storm out appear menacing, but this part is actually very easy. Attack the beasts, one-by-one, until they become subdued. At this point you should be able to jump on them and ride them. Guide each one onto one of the orange buttons that you opened up earlier.

Now walk into the central door. From here, activate all the switches on the left side of the hall. Use a clone to pull the red hooks in the second room on the left, and use a strong gun to shoot out the silver rubble.

In the same room, use Obi Wan to cut a hole in the wall near the back, exposing a large box. Use the Force to guide it along the path. You'll reach a gap in the path with purple Lego bricks exposed. Attack the wall to the right to free the two checkered floor pieces, and use the Force to place them back on the path.

Now continue guiding the box along the track, and when you take it to the end, use a clone to activate the panel. Once outside again, attack the giant cannon until you're able to mount it, and use the cannon to shoot out the other cannons.

Head to the white circle past the silver gunship and deactivate the force field. Now mount the cannon to shoot the ship, and run with Obi Wan to the new jedi symbol that appears.