Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Count Dooku: Legacy of Terror

It's Count Dooku's final stage! Don't get too nervous, though, because getting through here will probably not even make you break a sweat. You start in the middle of a cave, and the first thing you'll notice is a collection of starkly bright Lego bricks to your left. You guessed it - you'll have to rearrange these bricks in a formation such that Commander Cody can make his way to the top.

There's no magic formation to use. There are several ways to form a climbable set of bricks, but here's one example:

Take Bly up to the top, and then grapple the plug on the beam to the right. Start walking across the newly formed bridge, although it will crash to the floor. You'll need to use the resulting pieces, but first go over to the wall of gold blocks to your right. Command the clones together and then shoot the entire wall down.

Now you can take a jedi character up, using wall jumps. Knock the debris off the blue-and-white checkered path, and then use the Force to put the scattered pieces back onto the path. Now, push the statue down the track until it crashes below.

Now that you have a lot of broken pieces on the ground, you can assemble them to create a door hatch. Onto the next room...

Run down the dark corridor until you reach a wall of rocks. Hit or shoot it a few good times and it'll break.

The next obstacle you'll see is a hole with a plug affixed to it. You know what to do - switch to Bly and pull it out. Use the Force at the next dead end you come across, cut out the hole, and run until you reach yet another dead end. This time you'll have to complete a little puzzle.

See those hanging blue pieces above? There's a purple statue directly below. That is, the parts to a purple statue. Use your Force to move each part - legs, body, arms, and then head - to the pedestal in front.

Jump into the revealed hole. The area you'll get to looks very intimidating, but all you need to do is grapple the hook to the pillar on the left, and use your Force on the pillar to the right. Walk into the exposed entrance and reach the jedi symbol. Force away.


Use the Force to destroy the pillar on the left, and the battle will begin.

Watch out for blocks shooting toward you, but when you notice a purple block, use the Force to affix it to the wall on your right. Once you have three purple blocks you can create a makeshift staircase. Climb up and do your thing on the glowing blue pillar.

Now the worm boss will start throwing bombs. Stand toward the block-filled wall on the left to send the bombs there, but run away before they explode. Keep doing this until the wall is cleared. Walk to do the jedi symbol, and voila!

Enjoy the cutscenes because Count Dooku's story is now complete.