Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

General Grievous: Destroy Malevolence

Head straight forward until you reach a big door and the camera perspective changes. Here, use R2-D2's hovering ability to go to the switch on the isolated platform. Cross to the next set of platforms and use the force to send R2 across this time.

Continue moving left and when you see the blue aura, use the Force to move the purple platform on top of the connecting purple Lego piece. Take a couple double-jumps to/from the platform.

Next, throw your saber at the lifted platform to lower it down, and once again send R2 over to get the panel. Use the Force to send the front of the train to the right, where it will be transformed into a crane.

Hop into the crane and turn it left until it grows blue. Push the button that appears on the screen. Keep moving the crane until the button appears again, to lay down the piece you just picked up. Now walk across to the next part of the level.

Move forward to trigger a cutscene, which will split your group. You'll start with R2 and Obi-Wan. Swap to R2 to activate the panel, then go to Obi-Wan to build the pieces on the ground and fit them into the water pipes.

Back to R2, you can now switch on another panel to open up the broken sprinklers.

Switch over to the rest of your team now, Anakin and Padme, and break the boxes at the end of the hall so you can use your Force to attach the purple latch to the red module.

Use Padme to grab the latch, and now, for the first time, let C3PO take control. Let him activate the panel, which requires you to watch and repeat a simple memory sequence.

Destroy all the droids in the new room to advance the story. After the cutscene, swipe at the large mech until a jedi symbol appears. Use the symbol to finish off the mech.

Check out the scattered pieces on the ground, and use your Force to build a panel, which R2 can activate. In the new area, use Obi-Wan to levitate the green plug into the corresponding socket.

Now, as R2, use the two panels to turn the symbol in the middle to this:

Each panel activation turns the symbol a little bit, and it may take a complete revolution to get it in the right position.

More isolated platforms. You should know what to do here - send R2 acrooss and hit the panel on both sides. On the right side, however, use Obi-Wan's Force to throw an object at the debris beforehand.

Notice the purple orb - yep, it's torpedo time. No ship needed this time, though. Send the torpedoes directly to the targets by using Obi-Wan's Force.

That will open the panel in the middle, which R2 can grab. Enemies will start appearing. As you take them out, head to the far left and far right to flip the switches. Keep in mind that some enemies will require you to hurl objects at them with the Force.

In the room you've now exposed, get Obi-Wan and R2 to step on the two red switches, and control will go back to Padme, Anakin, and C3PO. Start with Padme and have her pull the hook to your right.

Straight ahead, use the Force to assemble the pegs on the right side in the same order as the formation on the left: bottom green, middle yellow, and top red. Then send slow C3PO, with a dismembered leg, to get the panel.

Take the lift up to the command center. Notice the two jedi symbols and cut the holes at the consoles near the front, then get Padme to grab the hooks overhead. Switch back to Anakin to grab the power modules and place them into the exposed plugs.

Get C3PO to activate his panel near the middle. The thing that opens up is a steering mechanism. Use the Force to control it, and steer forward toward the moon. You can lift up or down to adjust. Watch the giant window to make sure you're heading toward the moon.

Once you're close enough, the controls will lock and a bunch of droids will appear. Defeat all of them to reveal a new opening to the left. Walk though there and this monster of a level is over!