Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Asajj Ventress: Ambush!

Head left until you see the golden coral. Use Jek's rapid-fire weapon to shoot it down. Reassemble to pieces to block off the enemy troops. Now do the same thing with the silver coral on the left - you'll need Lieutenant Thire's weapon to knock that one out.

The coral in the middle will then automatically explode, allowing you to walk down a newly opened path. Shoot the gold coral again to open the passage at the end.

Now, for the first time, let Yoda take control of the action. Use his Force to make one of the shooting droids hover, and direct the droid at the new gold coral wall.

In the next area, take out all three of the hovercrafts:

- 1st hovercraft: shoot the left and right arms with Lieutenant Thire.

- 2nd hovercraft: Use Yoda's Force to lift up the shooting droids to knock out the two arms.

- 3rd hovercraft: Take out the two arms by grappling them.

After disabling each craft, make sure to go up to the jedi symbol as Yoda to finish it off.

Your next task is to destroy the five small robots that appear. All except the first are protected by immunity shields so don't bother going after them with normal attacks. Instead, use these tips:

- 1st robot: Attack with your light saber

- 2nd robot: Use the Force to push it back to the hole behind it

- 3rd robot (middle): Shoot the rocks above to crash onto the robot.

- 4th robot (left): Make sure you use the Force to push it onto the "X" on the ground first, then shoot the rocks overhead.

- 5th robot (right): Same as before, use the Force to knock it in the hole.

That's it!