Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

General Grievous: Shadow of Malevolence

Enjoy this one because it'll be the shortest of all the Grievous levels. You start out on a small ship but need to dock immediately, so hit the booster on your right to shoot down to the lower level. Land on the landing pad, and head right to get the switch at the end of the wall.

This will activate your torpedoes, so head back to your ship, grab the torps, and shoot the two targets on the lower level of the ship. Grab some more torpedoes and make your way backward to the booster jump and shoot back up, where you'll be able to hit the three purple targets there.

Now head to the top of the giant ship and land. Walk all the way to the force field and hit the switch to open up another torpedo maker. Back to your starship you go, and knock out all the defense shields with your standard laser shots. That will open up access to the torpedoes, allowing you to take out the new batch of targets.

There are five targets to take out, so you'll need to re-supply your torpedoes once. Follow the purple arrow if you get lost.

Hitting the final target ends the level and cues the end-of-level cutscene.