Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Asajj Ventress: The Hidden Enemy

Starting your quest through the story of the female dark jedi, grapple the zip line and head right into the action. Close the door immediately in front of you, then use the Force to drag the green-lit power supply to the corresponding red lights to the left.

Walk through to the next room, and note the two doors there. The one to the right is broken, but you can use your Force to close the one to the left. Then, turn to the machine in the middle of the room; you'll be able to use your Force to smash it against the other door. That will open the inviting middle chamber.

That will take you outside in the middle of a lot of chaos. Go to the rubble in the middle, and try to focus on one of the pieces to assemble a cannon. It may be difficult since your Force will be drawn to the dozens of enemy droids, so take out a few of them if you have to.

Once you have the cannon, shoot the hovering ship in the distance. Now try to find the blue droid, knock his head off, and run to the newly-landed ship. Activate the panel.

After a cutscene, you'll be in a much calmer room. Solve the simple puzzle by Forcing the blue Lego pieces on top of the matching purple pieces in the center.


Your first battle with Ventress involves a few different parts. In this first part, knock her down with a Jedi Slam. This is performed by using your lightsaber attack while in mid-air. Doing this will knock out Ventress's lightsaber, which you must pick up and then use to attack.

Do this four times.

Next part: Ventress will climb up to the top of the room and start shooting projectiles at you. Intercept these in mid-air by using your Force and throw them back at her.

Do this a total of six times (three while she's on the left landing, three on the right).

She'll run away to the next room. Use your saber to cut through the door. Now, just like the first part, knock her down with a Jedi Slam, grab her saber, and then hit her.

Do this three times.

It's still not over! And this is just the first level in the Ventress story! Run up to her again, and use the platforms she hurls at you to build a staircase on the wall. Climb up, chase her against the back of the platform, and get ready for a giant mech to emerge.

Hurl your lightsaber at the red button that's shooting out lasers. Once you've done this three times, the mech will slam down its leg in front of you. Hit it a couple of times to make a jedi symbol appear. Use that to destory the leg. Repeat this process for the right leg.

Now you're free falling on top of the mech, and Ventress is visible again. Use the falling blue Lego pieces to knock her out, and then run up to attack her face-to-face. The gravity is tricky here, so maneuvering around is difficult, but work through it to hit Ventress three times and the level will FINALLY be complete.

Whew! What a battle.