Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Asajj Ventress: Storm Over Ryloth

Fly ahead to the red landing strip on the left and dock. Walk to the blue jedi symbol and cut out the electrical box. Then plug the green connector to open the gate. Inside, walk up to the window and take control of the ship's weapon. Shoot the three conspicuously white cannons on the enemy ship.

Now head back outside and back onto your ship. Fly backward and to the red pad on the other side of the carrier. Destroy the already-broken machine by way of the jedi symbol, and then reassemble the pieces. Flip the switch you just created, and use the Force to once again move the power supply to the console near the gate.

Inside the doors, do exactly the same thing as before - shoot the lasers on the opposing ship. Then back to your spacecraft.

This time fly to the front of the carrier and dock at the area on the right. Flip the switch here to activate the torpedoes.

Fly all the way back and behind the carrier to reveal a booster device. Use it to jump to the top of the ship and land at the recognizable red strip. Walk straight ahead and you'll enter the ship's command center. Hit the switch all the way in the front.

Fly to the booster near the front of the ship to go back down, and fly through the torpedoes. The purple arrow will direct you to the three targets on the right-side ship. Do this once more, for the ship on the left side.

Now go back to the first landing site, go back inside and shoot one more set of cannons. Do the same thing again on the left side of the ship. Yes, this level is very repetitive. Go back into your starfighter once more and shoot back up to the top of the carrier again. This time, walk through to the front of the ship and hit the switch on the other side. Level complete!