Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Asajj Ventress: Liberty on Ryloth

It's the final round in the Ventress story, but if you do it right it'll be over in a jiffy. Despite the several bases here, you only need to plant a strategic few weapons. First, head all the way north and build a cannon on the left base to take out the zapping machine that's in your way.

From here, zoom all the way to the right side of the battlefield, jump off whatever craft you may be in, and hop across the platforms to the enemy base. Hit the switch to take out the force field. Take out the silver cannon by building a weapon on a nearby base or with a ground-based mech. Also take out the force field generator by any means, and then take control of the giant yellow pad with the unmistakable blue arrow.

Head due south and take out the curiously under-guarded base with the other yellow pad. Take control of that too, to restore the missing bridge. To open the door on the other side, the best thing to do is to build an AT-AP from Air Support, and walk to the bridge to shoot down the door.

Walk across the bridge, and that's it! No boss battle or anything. Ventress's story is over.