Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Count Dooku: Weapons Factory

You're now more than halfway through Count Dooku's story, and the levels will start getting more involved. Here, jump into the giant walker and march your way through the army of enemy soldiers to reach yet another battlefield. Shoot out the three relatively unprotected structures there.

That will trigger a quick cutscene, and then the tough part starts. You know the drill by now. Take out the enemy bases one-by-one; it's the usual grind.

Remember to use explosive weapons, like cannons, to destroy the silver enemy mechs. This time there are also gold objects, which are especially difficult to take down. The best way is to build the most expensive thing you can afford from the "air support" category.

This one is tough because there are gold and/or silver machines at all but one enemy base, so there's no shortcuts here. Just take them all out one after the other. After that, cue the cutscene.

Next, head to the blue jedi symbol and cut out the hole. Run through the resulting cave until you reach a puzzle filled with purple and yellow triangle pieces. To complete this, use your force to pick up the purple-edged triangles and place them on top of the solid-colored purple triangles to the left.

Run through the resulting passageway and you'll come across another identical puzzle. Do the same thing, taking note that one of the triangles is hidden behind the jedi symbol and one is hanging up to the left of the purple puzzle.

Again, run back as far as you can until you reach a dead end. Here, smack all the objects and debris in the area until you see a lot of glowing Lego pieces on the ground. Press the Build button to create a trampoline, and then jump on it.


Avoid the giant roving ship for now and find a blue droid. Swipe it with your light saber until his head falls off. Walk up to the head and you'll be able to wear it. Equipped with that disguise, walk to the consoles on the left and right sides of the stage.

At this point, the gold tank's side wheels and back panel will start glowing blue. Hit them and you'll be able to jump inside, and once you do that, aim at the giant machine in the middle. It only takes a few hits to destroy, and then it's cutscene time.