Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough

Count Dooku: Jedi Crash

Okay. Enough with the battlefield levels. Now it's time to go into space as you'll start this level in a transporter ship. The controls in all the space levels are pretty limited, and to help you there will almost always be arrows pointing you in the right direction.

In this case, it'll direct you to a fiery landing site on a giant spacecraft. Land where the big blue arrow is. Once you land, note the vertical chasm above. Jump up by jumping from the left wall to the right wall, continuously until you reach the top.

Walk down the hallway where you'll find a switch. Flip it to open a door behind you. Here you'll see a power console. Push it across the floor until it's connected with a switch at the other end of the deck. This will turn on a water sprayer.

Back into the ship, fly to the right, again following the mini-arrow, until you see another landing site. From this site, simply walk and jump down until you see a blue jedi symbol on a wall. Step on the symbol and cut out a hole.

Then walk to the left and assemble the Lego pieces near the wall. Go back to the hole you cut out and flip the switch. Two sprayers down, one to go!

To the right yet again for another landing site. From here, run all the way to the right, through a glass metal corridor. Use the Force to create a platform, jump across, and grab the switch at the end of the hallway. Mission accomplished.

Now you're about halfway through the level. Go back to your ship, take off, and you'll see a brief cutscene. When gameplay resumes, fly to the first available landing pad and dock. Walk forward and use your Build button to create a torpedo generator. Then, flip the switch right next to the generator.

Jump back on the ship and fly into the purple sphere. Now that you're equipped with torpedoes, shoot the three targets in front of you. When you have control of the ship again, head to the right to a small window. You'll be able to land inside here, where the ship will instantly blow up so you'll be on foot for a bit.

Take out the nine enemy droids and then use Commander Bly to shoot the red hook near the door in front. Walk through the door, run down the corridor, and then jump onto your ship. You've got a few more purple targets to take out. Just follow the purple arrows and shoot.

Now fly toward the blue arrow and the level's complete! A word of caution, though: getting to the arrow can be annoyingly difficult because of the restricted spaceship controls. The best way to get there is by flying toward the camera, then turning around and trying to stay as close to the top of the carrier as possible.