L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

44. In A Lonely Place

Some distance west from the last reel, you'll find a miniature golf course on El Centro, just south of Santa Monica. Go ahead and drive on in.

Not far from where you entered (assuming you entered from El Centro), there'll be a slight hill leading up to the northeast. Jog up there.

At the top of the hill, you'll see this horseshoe-looking hole. Your next reel is at its center.

45. Where the Sidewalk Ends

From the mini-golf course, follow El Centro north until you can take a left onto Sunset. Look to the north side of the street, and you should see the Palladium Theatre.

Where the Sidewalk Ends is laying just behind the ticket booth. Looks like the projectionist got careless.

46. Gilda

At the triangularintersection of Homewood, Cahuenga and Cole, you'll find an imposing Circle K that looks like this:

Drive around to the back of the station, to where the restrooms are.

Walk into the secluded rear of the station, and you'll find the next reel laying on the ground (probably attached to a restroom key).

47. The Letter

Head over to the Crossroads of the World outdoor mall (near the center of the "O" in Hollywood), and head north along the right side of its main building.

You should see a giant reddish-brown staircase to the north, so go ahead and climb it.

Once you're past the big stairs, keep running north and you'll see a smaller staircase on your right.

Climb it, and you'll find the next reel hiding on the landing.

48. Brute Force

From the last reel's location, head a block or two northeast until you're at the corner of Selma and Schrader. Take Schrader north, and then turn left at the first unmarked street that looks like this:

The street is a dead end overlooking a football field, but there on the pavement at the west end of it is the next reel.

49. Nightmare Alley

Just off Franklin at the northern edge of the map, you'll see a big, red-roofed shopping center. Enter its parking lot as indicated by the arrow below:

Once you're in the lot, head for the western end of the building.

From there, climb up onto the walkway and head around the side of the building to the alleyway.

There, nestled amid a billboard and some dumpsters, is the reel for Nightmare Alley.

50. The Big Sleep

For the final reel, just follow Hollywood Boulevard west. Just before the street ends, you'll notice that the train tracks veer off to the left. Follow them.

The tracks will bring you to a little depot. Head on through; your target is the little water tower that the arrow's pointing to.

Sitting on the ground next to the water tower is the final reel. Go and grab it!

Congratulations! The Hollywoodland Achievement/Trophy should now be yours.

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