L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

Landmarks - Central

For the landmarks, we're going to do things a little differently. Since many of you are likely still in the early stages of L.A. Noire, we're starting in the middle of Central – where you'll spend roughly the first half of L.A. Noire – and then heading east. After we've pointed out everything east of MacArthur Park, we'll we'll use it as the next starting point and then move steadily northwest to Wilshire and Hollywood. Got it? Let's begin.

1. The Mayfair Hotel

Just east of 7th Street and Columbia Avenue, you'll find the Mayfair. Be advised that you may have to circle it a little before the game will register it as "discovered."

2. Good Samaritan Hospital

Two blocks north of the Mayfair and just south of 6th Street,you'll find Good Samaritan between Witmer and Lucas,

3. Intolerance Set

It seems the presence ofIntolerance'sinfamous Babylon set here is something of an anachronism, seeing as the realstructure was reportledly torn down in 1919 - and was actually located at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset. But its glorious decrepitude is a highlight of Noire's version of Central L.A. (and its third traffic case), so we're not complaining. You'll find it at the corner of 8th and Francisco.

4. Christ Crown of Thorns

Just southwest of the Intolerance set, you'll find this abandoned church. The story will take you there eventually, but if you'd like to get its discovery out of the way immediately, now you know you can find it just south of 9th Street, west of Francisco.

5. Los Angeles Public Library

Another gimme from the story, the L.A. Public Library is on 5th Street, between Flower and Grand.

6. Pershing Square

Two blocks southeast of the library, you'll find this little park with its conspicuous public fountain. It's got a pretty distinct shape on the map, so it's kind of hard to miss.

7. RKO Theatre

Two blocks southwest of Pershing Square, you'll find the RKO Theatre at the corner of Hill and 8th.

8. Los Angeles Examiner

Near the southwestern edge of Central LA, you'll find the long, red-roofed Examiner building at 11th and Broadway.

9. Main Street Terminal

Don't be fooled by the extreme close-up above - the Main Street Terminal is huge. Look for it at 6th and Los Angeles, where it takes up an entire block.

10. The Bradbury Building

Head back north along Broadway, and you'll find The Bradbury Building where Broadway intersects with 3rd Street.

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