L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

Film reels - Wilshire

27. Shadow of a Doubt

On Coronado Street, just north of where it intersects with Beverly Boulevard, you'll see the entrance to an airfield. Head on in.

Bear left past the planes and get onto the airfield's southern access road.

Keep an eye out to the right, and you'll see a fenced in yard with a plane just before the road intersects with the runways. Head in there.

Turn right at the plane, and you'll see this hangar. Head on in.

Toward the back of the hangar, in front of another plane, you'll find the next reel waiting for you.

28. The Killing

On Commonwealth Avenue, just north of 6th Street, you'll find this two-chapel cathedral. Your target is the little arched walkway in between the two chapels.

Head to the back of it, and the next reel will be sitting in plain sight.

29. The Set-Up

Head west along 6th Street from the last reel's location, and start looking left when you pass New Hampshire Avenue. When you see the yellow-and-blue house below, get out and head for the walkway that runs to its left.

Take a sharp right to get to the blue-trimmed house's back porch, and you'll see the next reel sitting on a patch of blue concrete.

30. Laura

Just north of the Virgil Avenue/2nd Streetintersection, you'll see a wide concrete driveway leading west past some suburban yards. Go ahead and follow it.

Soon, you'll see a little park with swings and a jungle gym just south of the path you're on. Head over to it.

The next reel is sitting on the edge of a picnic table, just past the jungle gym.

31. The Lady from Shanghai

At the intersection of 1st Street and Council Street (in the middle of the "H" in Wilshire, as seen above), there's a large, open park behind a two-story brick building. Head into itand move west of the building.

Toward the west end of the park is a baseball diamond; The Lady from Shanghai is sitting on the pitcher's mound.

32. The Third Man

Just west of where Beverly Boulevard curves south is a line of houses on the north side of the street. Behind them is a park; for best results, turn north between the houses pictured below:

You should see a swingset and some benches ahead. Swerve around them like a lunatic and keep going to the north end of the park.

At the north end, you'll see this path leading up onto a little cliffside lookout point. Get out of the car and head up there.

The next reel is on the ground,between some benches and a tree.

33. The Killers

One block west of the corner of 1st and Kenmore, you'll find the southern entrance to the Elysian Fields development. Head for the window of the under-construction house near the billboard.

Once inside, navigate the maze of timbers and head for the northwest corner of the house. The next reel is on the floor, in an unfinished room.

34. M

From Vermont Avenue, take the dirt road just north of Middlebury Streetand head west.

Not too far in, you should see this unassuming white house on your left. Your destination is its yard.

Specifically the seesaw.

Look underneath the seesaw, and you'll find M hiding on the ground.

35. Crossfire

At the corner of Melrose and Heliotrope, you'll find a Southwestern gas station and a repair garage. Your destination lies in between them.

Past the gas station and the garage, you'll see the side of a storage building. Head over to it.

The next reel is sitting in the shadows in front of a doorway, just past the gas station's parking lot.

36. Thieves' Highway

Just north of Rosewood Avenue, between Harvard and Kingsley, you'll find a drive-in diner by a Circle K. Head inside.

Once you're in there, you'll find the next reel sitting out on the counter, next to a register. Go ahead and take it. It's for you.

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