L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

11. The Maltese Falcon

Just northwest of Grand Ave. (and one block north of 1st Street), you'll see a mostly fenced-in alley/semi-vacant area next to the Globe Bakery. Head in through the south entrance.

Once you've entered, immediately turn right andhead into the Globe's backyard.

You'll see the next reel along the inside of the southern fence, just waiting to be grabbed.

12. Angels With Dirty Faces

While the map above shows the next reel's location as the corner of 2nd and Spring, you won't find it just lying on the street. Instead, you'll need to look for the ladder up to the construction site on 2nd, between Spring and Broadway.

Once you climb up, head right from the ladder and follow the walkway as it curves around to the left. You should see a little makeshift hut:

Head inside, and you'll see the 1938 James Cagney classic sitting on the edge of a wire-spool table.

13. Strangers on a Train

The next reel is just two blocks southeast of Angels With Dirty Faces - look for a parking lot next to a cathedral, with a small security-guard post.

Drive into the parking lot and head for the arches on the back wall. (You can also enter the narrow walkway next to the guard post instead; either way, you're going to the same place.)

If you went in through the parking lot, vault over the wall next to thearches and continue heading toward them.

Hang a left, and you'll see the next reel on the ground.

14. The Big Heat

This one's super-easy to find, provided you've discovered the Angels Flight landmark. Head into its top entrance, where Olive Street(sort of) intersects with 3rd Street.

Just in front of the entrance to the train car, you'll find The Big Heat laying on the floorboards.

15. Touch of Evil

On 6th Street, just west of Broadway, you'll find the entrance to a large alley. Head in there.

You'll know you're in the right one if you see the sign for the Los Angeles Theatre. Head toward the staircase on the back wall.

Ignore the staircase. It won't help you get where you need to go. Instead, shimmy up the pipe to the right of it and follow the path up to the roof.

Once you're up there, take the first left and head down the long stretch of roof toward the theater's arched facade.

Touch of Evil is on the ground at the end of the roof. Grab it and head back down the way you came.

16. The Asphalt Jungle

Just south of Maple and 6th, you'll see this big-ass elevated train station. Head southwest along Maple and look for a ramp that'll take you up there.

Once you've driven up the ramp, bear right and head toward the platforms.

The Asphalt Jungle's been discarded at the eastern edge of the platform pictured below. Go grab it.

17. Out of the Past

Near the south end of Broadway, you'll see a train depot that looks like this:

Head into the lane through its center, and you'll see the next reel hiding in a sunbeam.

18. The Big Carnival

Head northwest from where you found Out of the Past, and look for this house to the north of 9th St., just west of where it intersects with Figueroa.

Run over there, and you'll find The Big Carnival sitting on the unguardedback porch.

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