L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

Film reels - Hollywood

37. White Heat

In between Mariposa and Alexandria are a bunch of two story apartment buildings. You're looking for the biggreen-and-beige one just south of the center of a short, unmarked street.

Head around to the south side of the building, and you'll find a staircase going up. Take it.

At the end of the walkway above, you'll find the next reel.

38. The Narrow Margin

Just northwest of the intersection of two unnamed streets between Hobart and Ardmore, you'll find a red-roofed mansion behind a hedge wall. Here's what it looks like if you're heading south on the north-south unmarked street:

Head into the mansion's driveway and continue to the area behind its garage.

There's a whole garden back there, and your destination is at its west end.

Head up to the fountain and you'll see the next reel waiting for you, plain as day.

39. Sunset Boulevard

In hidingSunset Boulevard anywhere other than Sunset Boulevard, Team Bondi missed a smallopportunity to look clever. But whatever. You'll find the next reel at a little shopping plaza on the north side of Melrose, near the western end of the street.

Look underneath the tree at the plaza's center, and the next reel is yours.

40. The Woman in the Window

This one's a little tricky, just because it involves finding your way through a row of idential dwellings. From Wilton, turn onto Lemongrove, and take a left betweensecond and third houses to the south.

Behind the houses, you'll see a small common area, at the center of which is a picnic table.

Get close to the picnic table, and you'll find the next reel sitting on its edge.

41. The Spiral Staircase

Just east of Santa Monica and Wilton, you'll find Samuel's deli on the north side of the street. Your destination is the little park next door to it.

Once you're in there, look left toward the building, and you'll find the next reel sitting under a large tree.

42. The Night of the Hunter

At the eastern edge of Fountain Avenue is the Hillside Motel, and at its southeast corner, you'll find its front entrance. Go ahead and stroll on through.

Jog north past the parking lot, and you'll find a large common area with a swimming pool.

At the northern end of the pool, you'll find The Night of the Hunter.


For you.

43. Odd Man Out

A few blocks northwest of the Hillside, you'll find a tract of squat little houses. Your target is the sea-green one in the southern row, second from the street if you're coming from St. Andrews Place.

Yeah, this one right here. Head around to the other side of it.

On the back porch, you'll find your next reel.

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