L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

11. Angels Flight

A train built expressly for getting up one hill, Angels Flight can be found at 3rd and Hill, two blocks southwest of the Central police station.

12. Hall of Records

It's hard not to discover the Hall of Records by accident, seeint as it's less than one bock northeast of the Central police station, but in case you haven't found it yet, here's where to look:

13. El Pueblo de Los Angeles

A couple blocks northeast of the Hall of Records, you'll find El Pueblo, easily recognizable by the distinct circle on the map.

14. Union Station

Practically across the street from El Pueblo is Union Station. The second Traffic case will likely take you here automatically, but just in case, here's where to find it:

15. Chinatown

Head back to Broadway and follow it to thenorth end of Central, and you'll eventually reach the gates of Chinatown, sadly devoid of creepy hoods played by Roman Polanski.

16. LA Cold Storage Co.

From Chinatown, head over to Alameda and follow it south. Just past 3rd Street, you should discover the massive Cold Storage building.

17. 4th Street Viaduct

From Cold Storage, turn around and head north up Alameda, then take the first right onto 4th Place. Follow it as it becomes 4th Street and head across the bridge. You should automatically register this one when you're halfway across.

18. 6th Street Viaduct

After crossing the 4th Street Viaduct, head south and turn right onto Whittlier Boulevard. Once again, the landmark should register when you're halfway across the bridge.

19. National Biscuit Company

Driving west on 6th Street, take a left and head south on Mateo Street. You'll find the blocklike NBC building just south of Industrial Street.

20. MacArthur Park

Heading back to the west end of Central, you'll find MacArthur Park in a big, distinctive square. It might not bemelting in the dark, but at least it's easy to find.

Above: We hope no one left a cake out in the rain, because we'll never havethat recipe again

21. Park Plaza

Park Plaza is hard to miss, but you might anyway. After exiting the park's west side, immediately turn right on Parkview and you can add another landmark to your tally.

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