L.A. Noire film reels and landmarks guide

19. Mildred Pierce

Compared to finding this reel, the rest are a total cakewalk. It's only accessible through a long railway tunnel; assuming you're taking these in order, we recommend taking this entrance, situated just off Hill Street between 4th and 5th (see map below).

Follow the tunnel until you see it fork to the right. That's your cue to slam on the brakes and get out.

Head into the fork (which turns out to be a dead end), and you'll see the 1945 version of Mildred Pierce sitting next to the tracks. Once you've grabbed it, get back in the car and continue heading through the tunnel, as the exit will take you near the next reel.

20. This Gun for Hire

The next reel's in the shadow of the Beverly Boulevard bridge, in a construction site a block east of Glendale. Here's how to get there if you're coming from the east end of 1st Street.

Turn northeastonto the short, nameless road,and then hang a right into the construction site as soon as you're able. (Just smash through any barriers you find.)

Immediately hang another right, drive down into this ditch andsmash through the chain-link gates at the end.

The path bottoms out in a construction pit with a wooden scaffold:

Just inside of that scaffold, you'll find a ramp. Head up it.

Turn around when you're at the top of the ramp, andThis Gun For Hire will be waiting for you at the end of the platform.

21. Rififi

In the suburban tangle between 6th and 3rd streets, a little east of Union Ave., you'll find this little teal-and-white house:

March on up to its front porch, and you'll discover the classic 1955 heist film, partially hidden behind the railing.

22. Sweet Smell of Success

North of where you found the last reel, and just south of 3rd Street, you'll find a big drive-in diner. Across the street from it to the west, you'll see a big red crane behind a couple of large houses. Head over to it.

Head left at the crane and you'll find yourself on the rim of a large construction pit.

The next reel is sitting by a little wooden shelter at the pit's southeast corner.

23. Murder, My Sweet

On Beacon between 8th and 9th (just north of a huge oil field), look west and you'll see a plaza with stairs leading down. Head over to them.

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find a parking garage - and, more importantly, a tree at its center. The next reel is sitting among its roots.

24. Night and the City

Look south from the bridge in MacArthur Park, and you'll see a little yellow-roofed gazebo just sitting out in the middle of the water. But how to get there?

Oh, it turns out the water's safe to wade through. Neat.

Jog out to the gazebo, and you'll find the next reel laying in plain sight.

25. The Big Clock

Along the winding, hilly path between Grand View and Alvarado (and north of 6th), you'll find this expensive-looking home, with the address 131.

The next reel is sitting on its front porch. Easy!

26. The Naked City

From Beverly Boulevard, head south onto Bonni Brae Street and look right. You should see this imposing two-story blue house. Head over to the porch thatthe arrow's pointing to:

At the end of the porch, you'll find The Naked City just sitting there, unattended.

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