Join Danny Trejo in a fight for tacos in new free Far Cry 6 missions

The strongest weapon in Far Cry 6 is now Danny Trejo with a machete thanks to two new, free missions starring the actor.

As part of the latest Far Cry 6 update, Trejo's come to Yara "to make his world-famous tasty tacos to feed the hungry," Ubisoft explained. Not wanting to miss an opportunity for senseless villainy, dictator Anton Castillo sends his entire military after this taco operation, which is where you (and optionally a co-op buddy) come in. 

You can team up with Trejo in new missions, with the first appropriately titled "Danny & Dani vs. Everybody", to get tacos to the weary citizens of Yara. Clearing the first mission unlocks a new Special Operation called "Malagua", where you and Trejo "help students protesting Anton's military."  Feeding the hungry and defending protest rights: as ever, Trejo knows how to pick his battles. You get more than social justice for beating these missions, too; you'll also get an outfit and taco truck based on Trejo's look, among other themed gear. 

These free missions have rolled out alongside the PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Blood Dragon is included with the Far Cry 6 season pass, but you can also purchase it individually. This 2013 spinoff holds up remarkably well, in large part because it's weirder than the last three Far Cry games combined. If you missed it back in the day, it's still worth a quick playthrough. Bet those neon dinosaurs look great on new-gen consoles, too. 

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