James Gunn says Marvel and DC don't hate each other

Guardians of the Galaxy 3
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James Gunn has shut down speculation of a Marvel and DC feud. Gunn has helmed all three movies in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy (plus the Holiday Special) and is also the co-CEO of DC Studios, overseeing a bumper slate of new DC movies titled Chapter One: Gods and Monsters

"People have this weird belief that Marvel and DC hate each other or somehow are polar opposites. But it's just not the truth," Gunn told Yahoo! Entertainment. "I mean, listen, man, our job is the same. We want to get people into the theaters to see movies. That's what matters. And I think that we work together to do that. And the more good Marvel movies are, the better it is for DC movies. The more good DC movies, the better it is for Marvel movies."

As he explained, both franchises doing well is better for everyone. "There's not only one winner," he commented. "There can be two winners because it matters who goes to see your movies and who enjoys them."

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is likely the last time Gunn will helm a Marvel movie, and it's also a send-off for the current line-up of Guardians. The film sees the team in a race to save Rocket Raccoon's life, going up against the sinister High Evolutionary

Gunn's DC work, meanwhile, begins with Superman: Legacy, which he will both write and direct. A draft of the script was turned in ahead of the WGA writers strike

Superman: Legacy is coming on July 11, 2025, while Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is in theaters now. For much more on the Marvel movie, check out our spoilery deep dives on: 

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