How to get a free $10/£10 Amazon Prime Day voucher by doing a bit of shopping now

best Amazon Prime Day deals

Getting an extra saving on top of the incoming Amazon Prime Day deals, savings, and price cuts is always going to be tempting. And that's exactly what you can make the most of now, with Amazon offering the chance to get a $10 / £10 saving during Prime Day if you spend $10/£10 or more with small businesses before Prime Day.

This promotion runs from June 6 to June 20 and might just be a great way to prepare for the Prime Day PS5 deals, Prime Day TV deals, Prime Day laptop deals, and Prime Day board game deals that we now know are coming June 21 and 22.

Prime Day voucher deal

While we might feel that we can always find something to spend a few dollars or pounds on at Amazon, this might genuinely be a good time to pick up some smaller bits and pieces ahead of the main event, in order to complement any bigger acquisitions you're planning.

For example, maybe there are some particular cables or wires you need to get to compliment a recent or upcoming games console acquisition. There are some particularly excellent solutions to cable management in the HDMI department nowadays, for example, with bendy and flexible options to help you work around troublesome furniture apertures. Or maybe there's a webcam arm you've been eying up to go with a new webcam - why not save money on the latter by buying the former now? There are also some particularly good Nintendo Switch kits for our UK readers on offer.

It is all a bit 'buy buy buy', but hopefully there's something here that you can genuinely be happy getting now, that will also genuinely save you money during Prime Day. What better way to prepare for some potential PS5 stock and Xbox Series  X stock drops during the event? Please, Amazon, do us this favor.

Just don't forget that you'll need to sign up to Amazon Prime to take part in the sales bonanza. Fortunately, that can be as easy as taking advantage of a 30-day free trial and then quitting before those 30 days come to an end. 

Here are the quick links for the free trial followed by a few small business deals to get you going.


Fosmon Xbox One Dual charging dock | $19.99 at Amazon
A dual-charger is an underrated accessory, so get this reasonably-priced one and snag that $10 for Prime Day deal in the process. Just to note, this model of charger is for the Xbox One controllers, not the Series X / S models - but these controllers can indeed be used cross generationally and with PC, so it's still a worthy shout.

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch | £20 £14.99 at Amazon UK

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch | £20 £14.99 at Amazon UK
The Switch accessories offered by Orzly are great little packages. Offering everything from cases to screen protectors to buttons, their range is worth a look, and this one caught our eye - and it'll qualify you for that 'tenner for Prime Day' offer.

If you need to research some bigger items before the big day, then check out our guides to the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, best gaming laptop, best projector for gaming, and best PS5 monitor.

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