How to kill Helldivers 2 Troopers and where to find them

Helldivers 2 trooper robot and helldivers
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Helldivers 2 Troopers are the standard infantry of the Automaton forces, meaning they're pretty common and extremely easy to kill. These laser rifle-toting cannon fodder units go down in just a few bullets from even the weakest weapons in your Helldivers 2 arsenal, but they can be quite formidable in large groups with barrages of laser fire, so don't underestimate them. If you've got a Personal Order to destroy these bots, I've explained where to find Troopers in Helldivers 2 below.

Helldivers 2 Trooper locations

Helldivers 2 automaton troopers firing lasers at helldiver

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Troopers are common enemies found on all Automaton-controlled planets. That means you'll want to play missions in the western sectors of the galaxy map. As the most basic enemy type the Automatons have, Troopers are found in all missions and on all Helldivers 2 difficulties. Look for them in patrolling groups and at outposts where fabricators will be manufacturing them.

Killing 20 Troopers for a Personal Order should barely be a challenge but make sure you're killing the right ones. Confusingly, Troopers can be both an umbrella term for the humanoid Helldivers 2 Automaton infantry robots and refer to the specific type that carries a basic laser gun only – for the purpose of a Personal Order, it's the latter you'll want to focus on. There are several other types of troopers that look similar but carry different weapons (for example, Brawlers wield two arm-mounted blades and Raiders carry rocket launchers) and killing these types will not count towards challenge progress.

Regardless, a simple order like this can easily be completed in a single mission, assuming you're getting stuck in and battle the bots head on. One or two headshots is enough to kill any Trooper if you're using a more precise weapon, but a blast from an explosive weapon or shotgun up close will also do the trick, easily shredding the bot apart.

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