How to liberate all Automaton-held planets for the Helldivers 2 Major Order

Helldivers 2 liberate tibit durgen maia major order
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For the Helldivers 2 Liberate all Automaton-held planets Major Order, players need to band together to eradicate the bots, possibly once and for all. After the successful liberation and defense of several key Helldivers 2 planets in the western sectors of the galaxy, including the enduring Malevelon Creek, Super Earth has deemed that now is the time to strike hard with Phase IV of Operation Swift Disassembly and annihilate the remaining forces. Here's how you can help liberate Tibit, Durgen, and Maia in Helldivers 2 to complete the latest Major Order

How to liberate Tibit, Durgen, and Maia in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 liberate tibit durgen maia major order Durgen on galaxy map

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If you've participated in other liberation efforts for previous Helldivers 2 Major Orders, you'll know the drill by now. Liberating a planet in Helldivers 2 is achieved through successfully completing operations which gradually increases the Liberation percentage. Once a planet's percentage hits 100%, that planet has been successfully liberated and will be locked off. 

For this Major Order, players need to work together to free Tibit, Durgen, and Maia – the final three Automaton-held planets in the galaxy, all of which are in the Severin Sector. If this Major Order is completed, all participating players will get 50 Medals as a reward.

It's important to clarify that your contributions to any planet's Liberation percentage are only added upon completing an entire operation, not individual missions. Furthermore, the contribution is greater the more players there are in your squad. That means the best way to contribute to this Major Order is to team up with other players and complete as many low-difficulty operations as possible.

This Major Order is intended to be the final phase of Operation Swift Disassembly and could see the Helldivers 2 Automatons wiped out from Super Earth territory altogether and preventing them from carrying out their "Reclamation" scheme. In other words, the stakes are high.

Assuming the Helldivers are successful and complete this Major Order, it's unclear what exactly could follow, though I highly doubt it'll be the last of the relentless robots. It's either going to lead into a big shift in focus back towards the Terminids, or it could leave an opening for the long-rumored Helldivers 2 Illuminate faction to finally swoop in and start taking over new sectors of the galaxy. Only time will tell, so get stuck in and liberate those planets!

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