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The Helldivers 2 level cap has been increased substantially, letting you up your level with XP and unlock new titles to show off your rank. From a lowly Cadet, you can work your way up the Helldivers 2 ranks to Death Captain, and Skull Admiral, but now you can go beyond to Admirable Admiral and 10-star General before capping out at the illustrious… Super Private. Demoting yourself to one of the lowest ranks after reaching General to keep fighting? Now that's a fine Super Earth soldier. Here are all the details on the Helldivers 2 level cap and all the titles you can get as you level up.

New Helldivers 2 level cap

Helldivers 2

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After an update on April 2, the new Helldivers 2 level cap is 150, tripling the previous cap of 50. Unfortunately, an increase to the level cap is actually quite meaningless as all Stratagems – the only things locked behind level requirements – are unlocked by level 25, with Helldivers 2 Mechs being the final one to get (for now). However, Arrowhead has added 10 new and ridiculous titles for the extra 100 levels.

All Helldivers 2 titles

Helldivers 2 Level and title in player card

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There are 21 titles for you to unlock in Helldivers 2 by earning XP to increase your level. All of them are unlocked automatically as soon as you reach the required level. You can choose a title to display on your player card by visiting your Destroyer's Armory, navigating to the 'Character' tab, then selecting 'Title', presenting a list of all the ones you have unlocked. If you want to know what title is up next for you, or what the new Helldivers 2 titles are, here's a quick list of them all, along with the level you unlock them at:

  • Cadet – 1
  • Space Cadet – 5
  • Sergeant – 10
  • Master Sergeant – 15
  • Chief – 20
  • Space Chief Prime – 25
  • Death Captain – 30
  • Marshall – 35
  • Star Marshall – 40
  • Admiral – 45
  • Skull Admiral – 50
  • Fleet Admiral – 60
  • Admirable Admiral – 70
  • Commander – 80
  • Galactic Commander – 90
  • Hell Commander – 100
  • General – 110
  • 5-Star General – 120
  • 10-Star General – 130
  • Private – 140
  • Super Private – 150

Of course, there's also the Super Citizen title, but the only way you can get this is if you buy the Super Citizen edition of Helldivers 2 or the Super Citizen upgrade pack if you already own the game.

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