Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Suggested Ability: Jet Pack

Banshee bail!

Boneyard is massive and its multi-level structures are way more accessible if verticality isn’t an issue for you. Not only that, but with tanks, ghosts, and warthogs occupying the ground area, you don’t want to be dashing across the battlefield on foot. Jet packs also allow you to dismount the Banshees in mid-air. Get creative with that!

Major Weapon Locations

The rocket launcher lies here in the bulkhead

The grenade launcher is on this platform in the junkyard

A sniper rifle here in the bow area

A sniper rifle is on the port scaffold near the conveyor belt

The focus rifle is on the cliff scaffold

The plasma launcher is on the stern scaffold

Health Locations




There are 2 health packs on the refinery’s 2nd floor

Map Tips

•It probably goes without saying, but don’t just wander across the wide open dirt/grass areas. Always be moving from cover to cover, using a vehicle, or taking the high road with a jet pack.

•There are countless high level places inside the structures to hide or ambush players from.

•Always do a quick scan of the surrounding area while making a break for an open vehicle. Depending on the number of players, someone else nearby probably has the same idea. Take them out first or you could be in for a very short ride.

•It’s good to know the layout of the interiors of the structures. If you don’t know where you’re going you risk wasting time by running into a dead end or accidentally walking into an ambush.