Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Map coming soon!

Suggested Ability: Hologram

Above: Holograms are a great way to lose pursuers

Pinnacle consists of a couple of towers overlooking a wide open central area and a handful of bottleneck bridges. As a result, it can be hard to move around at all without being shot at by someone wielding a DMR or sniper rifle. Use your hologram to test the waters before leaving cover or to bait snipers into revealing their location.

Major Weapon Locations

A sniper rifle is on this platform

A sniper rifle rests here just next to the grass path

The shotgun is in this corner

The rocket launcher is lying down here between the vent and the teleporter

Health Locations

Inside this tower

Against the wall near the grass path

Near this DMR

Map Tips

•There are two sniper rifles on this relatively small map, so try and make use of them.

• You can rack up plenty of kills by not going for a vantage point at all. Lurking quietly around the lower paths is relatively safe and you can surprise players passing through.

•Instead of heading up this ramp, stay here at the bottom (crouched to avoid showing up on radar) and pick off those coming from the center of the map.

•This area with the rocket launcher and teleporter is often overlooked and is a pretty safe area to catch your breath. You need to leap off the ledge above to reach it. You can also cower in the corner locked in the fetal position if your horrible k/d spread is dragging your team down.