Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Suggested Ability: Sprint

Spartans take stairs six at a time

With the exception of its central area, Countdown is a mess of tight corridors and looping paths among three different floors. Sprint is a fantastic ability to have if you know your routes. It also allows you to escape sticky situations and loop around opponents. And because there are plenty of air vents you should have no issue getting to higher floors quickly.

Major Weapon Locations

The sword is on this bridge on level 3

The shotgun rests between the three vents in the ventilation area

The concussion rifle lies on the balcony

Health Locations

On the 3rd floor ledge overlooking the central area

2nd floor area above the tech stairs

2nd floor area above the pipe stairs

Map Tips

•The hologram ability is another great choice for this map. Use it when you see an enemy on your motion tracker and are about to round a corner to meet them.

It wasn’t marked flammable!

•There are environmental hazards placed around Countdown. The gas tanks and fuel cells will explode when shot, so if you’re on the losing end of a DMR battle and your opponent happens to be standing too close to one of these hazards, one well placed shot can net you an instant kill.

•The sword is highly visible and easily reachable from different areas. Whenever you can take a quick glance up to the bridge the sword rests on to see if it’s available

•Sometimes the quickest way up is to go down first. The ventilation room (accessible from ground level or level 2) will sweep you up to level 3. If you’re lucky you can grab the shotgun in this room and go up the central vent to the balcony and grab the concussion rifle.