Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Suggested Ability: Jet Pack

I’ll drive…

The spire is a unique level in that despite what type of game type is being played, traffic usually flows one way, and that’s to the spire. You’ll want to have a jet pack equipped not only because it allows you to leap off of the spire and land safely, but because being able to fly will give you at least a small chance against players piloting the Falcons and Banshees. Plus, it’s really fun to try and hijack flying vehicles by leaping from the spire.

Major Weapon Locations

The fuel rod gun rests behind this throw-vent in the Devil’s Den

The focus rifle is resting against the catch-vent near the Bluff

A rocket launcher is here on the middle road

A rocket launcher rests in the dirt directly under the spire

A sniper rifle is in between these rocks on the middle road

A sniper rifle is here under the conveyor belt

The concussion rifle is here on the BFG

Health Locations

Middle road, near the sniper rifle

Mountain road (two pipes)

Behind the BFG (small building)

Between the rock and the cliff near the conveyor belt

Map Tips

•The first thing you do when taking to the sky in a Banshee or Pelican should be to quickly scan for other flyers. Nothing ruins the fun of surprise murdering from the sky more than being, well, surprised murdered from the sky.

•The orange vents are catch-vents. They are there to cushion your fall should you leap from the top of the spire without a jet pack.

•Unless you’re a sniper, stealth isn’t the way to go in this wide open, vehicle laden map. Grab a big gun and start blowing stuff up.

It’s players like these that make online play intimidating. You’re never safe. Ever.

•Because the map is so large, the traffic predictable, and the hiding spots plentiful, skilled snipers can really excel. For instance, crack shots can take out anyone using a throw vent to get to the top of the spire since the flight path is predictable.

•If you’re going to pilot a Falcon, make sure to have a couple of friends man the guns. Falcons are slower and less maneuverable than Banshees, so you’ll be an easy target without gunners.