Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Suggested Ability: Sprint

The multiple outdoor levels to Boardwalk may scream for a jetpack, but if you know your routes you can save yourself some exposure by sprinting around the area using the trench-like hallways as cover. If you come under fire from an unknown angle, simply dash to the nearest cover and regroup.

Major Weapon Locations

There’s a sniper rifle on the right side of the overlook.

There’s a second sniper rifle right under a tree in the courtyard. Just against the wall behind it is the shotgun

The rocket launcher lies in the service tunnels

The plasma launcher rests at the bottom of the waterfall. Keep in mind you can reach this area from the upper courtyard by dropping down.

Health Locations


Rest stop 1st floor

Service Tunnels (near the rocket launcher)

Ocean View

Make out point

Map Tips

•It’s a good idea to lurk around with your eye on the open area of the courtyard. A lot of face-offs take place out there and if you keep a watchful eye you can pick off some weakened foes. Just make sure not to stray too far out into the open or risk the same thing happening to you.

•If you’re careful you can slink across this edge to reach the service tunnel quickly from the courtyard. It’s worth it, as the rocket launcher and a health pack are there. The service tunnel is not a high traffic zone, so even if the launcher is gone, the area serves as a great place to catch your breath. As a matter of fact, using the edges all along the map is a good way to get around covertly.

Above: Frikkin’ snipers!

•The rest stop balcony is only accessible using a jetpack or a grenade jump. It is an excellent sniper’s nest and don’t forget there is a sniper rifle is resting just below in the courtyard.

•The tree/bush areas are good vantage points, especially if your armor color acts as camouflage. Just watch your back.