Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Map coming soon!

Suggested Ability: Armor Lock

Above: You… shall not… pass!!!

Blood Gulch is back yet again! It’s back to basics here: two bases separated by a large expanse of relatively flat land. Because of the abundance of vehicles on this map, you’re going to want some extra protection. The armor lock ability will stop any vehicle that’s trying to splatter you, and the EMP given off when the armor is released will render the vehicle temporarily useless and ripe for a hijacking.

Major Weapon Locations

A sniper rifle is to the left of each base teleporter

A concussion rifle is on the east side cliff path

A concussion rifle is on the west side cliff path

A shotgun rests in the center of four rocks near each base

The plasma launcher is resting on the small hill in the middle of the map

Health Locations

To the right of each base teleporter

Map Tips

•Don’t be a jerk with the vehicles at the start of battle. If someone beats you to the tank, let them have it, don’t stand on top of the tank and fire your assault rifle at the driver. Also, remember there is a tank at the other end of the map, so if you zip aimlessly across the battlefield like an idiot in a warthog by yourself, you’re gonna get blown up.

•Do not take the tank out too far or you risk losing it either by theft or destruction. The area far left of each base is a perfect place to park the tank during team battles. You can easily protect your base and get the drop on any incoming threat from across the field.

•This cave on the west cliff path is a fantastic sniper nest.

•There are a lot of spots up on the edges of this map still considered in bounds. You do need a jet pack to reach them, but certain spots (especially the one shown above) make for great sniper nests.