Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Map coming soon!

Suggested Ability: Jet Pack

Asylum is a perfectly symmetrical, simple map with two bases and a center structure. A jet pack will grant you access to the base roofs and allow you to quickly move from the lower grass areas to the higher structures.

Major Weapon Locations

A sniper rifle rests against the wall on the red side near the turret. Another rifle is in the same spot on the blue side.

A shotgun lies in the grass inside the tunnel leading to the red base. Another shotgun is in the same spot on the blue side.

There’s a single sword against the wall in the center of the map.

Health Locations

Just inside the center of the red base. Another health is in the same spot on the blue side.

Map Tips

•Asylum is symmetrical. With the exception of the sword, every weapon location in Slayer is mirrored on the other side of the map.

•Wait here cloaked and beat down all of those coming from their base to the center of the map. Being invisible will lower your chances of being spotted by those in front of you.

•These rocks were put here for quick and easy access to the center of the map.

•Except for one or two small areas, the roofs of the buildings are considered in bounds and offer great cover. Use the jet pack to get up there and defend your base!