Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Suggested Ability: Hologram

Above: Real Spartans have shadows

Zealot’s twisting halls, trippy colors, and varied patterns can make for a disorienting battle. Further confusing opponents with holograms is a smart play. You’ll need to be crafty like this since there aren’t many major weapons in a game of

Slayer on Zealot.

Major Weapon Locations

There is a concussion rifle in space, at the top of the map

The sword is at the top of the ramp connecting ground floor to holograms. It won’t spawn until the first two minutes have passed

Health Locations

Blue corner

Red Corner

Map Tips

•There are three vents that lead into space. They are located on the ground floor (yellow), in the blue corner (blue), and in the red corner (red).

•At the top of the level (in space) gravity is reduced. You can easily leap to either the red or blue platforms and you can get even higher as pictured above (great for zombie defense). This area is still considered part of the battlefield.

•You cannot shoot through the blue force field protecting the lower map, but you can jump through it, so plan on a pounce-like ambush for anyone you spot below.

•Here’s a neat trick. While running, point at the ground and activate your hologram. Your hologram will stand still, and you can keep running. Some enemies will think you are the hologram, and go after the stationary clone.

•The weapons that come with the map and the small layout force you to rely on close