Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Map coming soon!

Suggested Ability: Sprint

Above: Feet don’t fail me now!

Use sprint to quickly move up the twisting paths that lead to the top of this map. Unless you’re in a vehicle, you’ll want to spend most of your time moving among the rocky cliff faces picking on those below.

Major Weapon Locations

The laser is at the edge of this platform, eastern base

A sniper rifle is lying between these two caves near the southern base

The grenade launcher is in the middle of the tunnel running through the center of the island

The concussion rifles are on the walkways leading to the teleporters near both the northern and southern base

Health Locations

Inside the eastern base

Here in the northern base

Here in the southern base

Inside both entrances to the tunnel leading through the center of the island

Map Tips

•There are teleporters near the northern and southern bases that take you to the eastern base

•Be extremely careful taking the tank between the eastern and northern bases. It forces you into a bottleneck.

•Learn where the twisting paths that lead up the mountain begin. This will allow you to very quickly get far above the action.

Above: I dare you to take that Banshee

•With active camo and a sniper rifle, you can really wreak havoc from above. Climb to the tip top of the mountain in the center of the map and you’ll have a clear shot at all three bases. Being invisible will reduce the chances of being counter-sniped. Just make sure to vary your position often.

•Sprint-jumping is a good way to get around on this bumpy terrain. Simply jump while sprinting to do an extended long jump. Time it just right as you’re coming up a ramp to really fly.