Halo: Reach Multiplayer Map Guide

Map coming soon!

Suggested Ability: Jet Pack

There’s nowhere to hide in the cage. Use your jet pack to stay above the action until you can pick your own fight. You’ll also be able to escape battle and flee to virtually any other portion of the map with one good jet pack burst.

Major Weapon Locations

The grenade launcher is resting on this ledge

The sniper rifle is just behind the vent

The shotgun rests here

The plasma launcher is here at one of the lowest points on the map

Health Locations

Center of the map

Against the wall on this walkway

Just inside this tower

Map Tips

•This area is a real sweet spot, especially for team events. If someone is watching your back, you can actually see and defend against all potential threats, something that can’t be said for the majority of this map.

Above: I see you...

•Using the bulletproof glass windows as cover is smart because it allows you to view the area while staying completely protected. Great for those one on one peek-a-boo Swat battles.

•The cage is on the side of a cliff. If you lose your bearings just look for the giant brown wall.

•A full jet pack boost will take you far, far above the action and can give you a view of the entire map. Use it to get the drop on unsuspecting prey.

•Be very careful before leaving cover. Don’t just dash carelessly along these bridges.