Halo: Fleet Battles turns your table into a galactic battlefield

Despite the series' intergalactic scale, only a few of the Halo games have placed players into the fray of a proper space battle full of dogfights and ship-to-ship combat. But there's good news for fans of Master Chief's universe who want to experience something grander (or maybe just need something to tide them over until Halo 5: Guardians): a tabletop wargame called "Halo: Fleet Battles."

Fleet Battles aims to recreate some of the most important space battles between the human UNSC forces and the alien Covenant. The Fall of Reach box, the first in what will likely be a series, and provides 49 unpainted plastic models (32 UNSC ships, 17 Covenant ships), custom Halo dice and a 100+ page rulebook explaining the turn-based system, plus some snazzy art and niceties like a campaign guide and punch-out tokens. It's available now for £80/$125.

This isn't the first time the fall of the planet Reach (read: its total destruction) has been stressed by Halo products. It's also been the subject of a novel, comics, an animated series coming alongside Halo 5 and Bungie's final Halo game, Halo: Reach. Just try not to think of the canonical outcome if you're playing as the humans in Halo: Fleet Battles.

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Sam Prell

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