Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide


You know the drill: deadly up close, crap at a range. The Shotgun is great as a Back Up, but it’s a fine Ready Weapon if you like to close in on the enemy through stealth or speed.

The standard pump-action shotgun, it has a slower rate of fire but packs a real punch. Put it to good use at close range, and close the distance with Rollerskates, Spring Shoes or sneaking in with Ninja Smoke Bombs.

The spray and pray version of the shotgun. Not as powerful, but fires much faster. Great as a Back Up if your Ready weapon is long range only, and lets little guys shred larger enemies via high speed hip firing, especially with Penetrator Ammo. The Extended Drum mod will give you an obscene number of shells.


GCI offers two vastly different different guns that fire explosives.

Thunder Dragon:
Fires explosive rockets that travel straight to their target. Great for softening up heavy targets, or leading little guys.

A slingshot that fires explosives in an arc. Hold the trigger to charge up for maximum range, the firing mechanism takes some getting used to.

Miscellaneous/Melee Weapons

Every impostor carries a knife that serves as his Call of Duty-style right thumb stick melee attack. However, the bigger your Body Type, the more damage your knife attack will do. Note that certain Fun Facts affect this, Leathery reduces the damage taken from melee, and Cutthroat increases the damage you do.

Falcon Blade:
A fine finesse weapon that deals great damage. Being a sword, it’s melee only, but compensates by letting you block incoming bullets. The key with the Falcon Blade is getting close enough for the kill. Try Rollerskates or Spring Shoes for speed, a Ninja Smoke Bomb for stealth. It’s also a great way to finish a stunned or frozen enemy, so try it with the Deep Freeze or the Boomerang.

This megaphone provides more than just encouragement, it dispenses healing and boosts defense when used on a fully healed player. Carrying it makes you the medic, so act accordingly. Follow the pack, especially big guys who can act as a meat shield while you heal them. Blinking heart icons will direct you to injured players, but having a headset is the best way to coordinate with your team. Note that “firing” the Motivator slows you down. To keep up with the team you’ll need Rollerskates, a helpful Fun Fact, or a quick Body Type.

GCI’s only pistol features faster than average switching, making it a great Back Up weapon. It’s perfect for close range mop-ups. It features two Mods, Full Auto, which does just what you think, and Hollow Point Rounds, which are ineffective against armored foes but do massive damage to everyone else.