Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide

Support Items

Support Items are a varied category, ranging from explosives, traps, and power ups, to armor and throwing weapons. Also, most Support Items like Pipe Bombs or Shiruken recharge after being used, so you don’t have to wait for a respawn to get more.

Pipe Bomb:
Your standard GCI grenade with a three second fuse. You can let it cook in your hand for a well-timed detonation.

Impact Grenade:
This fast-acting grenade with a nice radius can turn the tables on multiple enemies. Instant detonation makes it easier to hit quick enemies, and big guys will have trouble getting away from the splash damage. Toss it in the path of bouncing or skating enemies. If you’re talented at “leading” targets, this is your ‘nade!

To use, hold trigger to lock and release to fire. Stuns and does modest damage. A versatile gadget, lock-on makes it great for those fast moving enemies, and the stun effect gives you a chance against high health bruisers. Dizzy your enemy and move in for the kill.

Hold R2 to ready it, release when the enemy is sighted. Another fast-acting Support Item that can quickly put down a single troublesome enemy. This is a finesse item that takes some getting used to, but it’s deadly when you have a feel for it. Don’t forget you can retrieve your thrown Hatchet to avoid waiting for a new one.

These throwing stars can lock onto multiple enemies. If your build isn’t suited to dealing with fast moving enemies at close to medium range, Shiruken will give your arsenal the precision it lacks.

Bear Trap:
This painful looking item does less damage than you’d think, instead it slows enemies down until they can wiggle out of it. Put ‘em where they’ll get tripped on. Great for snipers, both offensively and defensively. Throw it in the path of a skating enemy for instant results.

Proximity mine that can catch multiple enemies in its explosive radius. A great way for snipers to protect their backs, and fast moving players can drop them around corners while being pursued.

Body Armor:
Damage from standard bullets is reduced 20%, but you’re extra sensitive to the Deep Freezer and stun items like Bear Traps and Boomerangs. Also, Penetrator Ammo goes right through your armor.

Energy Drink:
An on-the-go healing item that provides a quick boost to your regeneration rate. Healing stations are generally plentiful, but flag carriers, snipers and other loners will find it useful.

Care Package:
Resupply your team with health and ammo. Enemies can use it too, and that has its advantages. Deploy it to lure some targets into the open, then snipe away or blow them to high heaven.

Motion Sensor:
Toss one of these puppies out and any enemy who gets near it will be marked on the map for you and your team. Great for team players, medics, and makes a nice early warning system for snipers.

Airspace Denier:
The anti-Glider Rig, it stuns players flying overhead and brings them to the ground where they’re easy pickings. Set these traps near updraft vents, trampolines, or in any high traffic area.

Toxic Gas:
Pour this can of beans down your gullet and fart out a stinky cloud that does measly damage but stuns and disorients enemies. If you’re a Speedy character, get enemies to chase you around a corner, plant the cloud and mop them up. Otherwise, try placing it in high traffic areas, or spots where Rollerskating ramps dump players.


What would a bat-person or joker-guy be without their wonderful toys? GCI has a utility belt full of devious devices and clever contraptions designed to help you get around, or get the drop on the enemy, sometimes literally.

Glider Rig:
Just as it sounds, the Glider Rig allows you swoop around Gotham. Remember you’ll need some environmental assistance to reach gliding heights, either from catching an updraft, bouncing on a trampoline, or simply leaping from a high ledge. Once airborne you can dive bomb the enemy. The heavier you are the more damage you’ll hit for, so the Glider Rig is a great choice for Might or Burly builds, and helps those hefty types cover more ground.

Grapple Gun:
The most unmistakeably “Batman” of all the gadgets, it allows you to reach high firing positions quickly and zoom away when spotted. Snipers love it but it’s also great with Red Dot assault rifles or for anyone who appreciates a high vantage point. Don’t forget how exposed you are while grappling, you can always release the trigger to drop at any time.

Possibly the most unique item in GCI, it gives you a higher top speed while moving or sprinting with only a loss of maneuverability. Extremely versatile, it can help big guys compensate for their lack of speed, or make little guys nearly impossible to hit. Stay in wide open spaces for maximum advantage, you’ll be a complete spaz inside. Also, don’t forget to hit ramps while sprinting to get launched across the map.

Spring Boots:
Another versatile gadget right out of Wile E. Coyote’s Acme catalogue. Little guys will appreciate the unpredictable movement it affords, as well as being able to easily close the distance on targets. Big guys will be able to reach new heights and deal crushing damage by landing on foes.

Inflatable Insoles:
This set of rubberized footwear lets you double jump, a huge advantage for any Body Type, but most especially smaller, more delicate players who need to dodge enemy fire. It’s also great for snipers, letting them scale heights faster and make bouncy getaways.

Targeting Goggles:
Like the Motivator, Targeting Goggles are the sign of a true team player. They let you see through walls, and zeroing in on enemies will highlight them temporarily for your entire team to see. To really take advantage of your x-ray vision, equip some Penetrator Ammo and hit enemies through the walls. Don’t get cocky, however, enemies with the Wallflower Fun Fact won’t be picked up by your goggles.

Ninja Smoke
Bomb:Use one of these babies and you’ll be practically invisible, but you have to keep holding the trigger to remain unseen. Using any item will make you visible again, so first get into position for a devastating sneak attack. Remember you’re not completely invisible, enemies will be able to see a wavy outline like Arnold in Predator.