Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide


Rampages are GCI’s kill streaks, temporary bonuses earned through damage and kills you inflict or receive.

Kill Crazy:
You’ll do double damage for 15 seconds after dealing 1200 points of damage.

Powder Keg:
If you get killed 5 times without getting a kill, you’ll do double damage for 15 seconds. This is essentially a death streak, like in Modern Warfare. It’s hard to recommend over the more aggressive Rampages, but if you’re really that terrible swallow your pride and take this perk.

Tough as Nails:
Dish out 1200 points of damage without dying and you’ll get a major defense boost: 75% less damage taken for 15 seconds.

Angry Hedgehog:
Another deathstreak. Die five times with no kills and you’ll get 75% extra defense for 15 seconds. If you need this, you know who you are.

Gun Runner:
Do 1200 points of damage and your movement speed will be doubled for 15 seconds. Fun on little characters, but it may actually be best for heavier guys. When you’re moving double time as a Mighty character, you’ll see why.

Death Racer:
Die five times without a kill and your movement speed will double for 15 seconds.

Eagle Eye:
Deal 1200 damage without getting killed and the enemy team will be revealed on the map. Note: enemies
with Wallflower will be unaffected.

A Hangover reference? Do 1200 damage without a death and your teammates will disappear from the radar and lose the effects of Targeting Goggles and Motion Sensors. Note: this doesn’t make your team permanently radar invisible, it just wipes their slate clean so the enemy has to reveal them again.

Psych Profile

The Psych Profile is another perk slot that unlocks at level 30. There’s a reason the game takes so long to give you this, you really need to have a good sense of your play style to choose one that will benefit you. These perks give extra experience that shows up as your Psych Bonus at the end of a round. Be warned, the perk’s penalties will chip away at that bonus every time you do something that doesn’t fit your profile. Because these perks carry so many penalties, many players opt for the default In Denial, which is essentially a blank perk that does nothing and lets your character unskewed. Still, remember that the penalties only take away from your would-be bonus, not the standard experience you earn, so go ahead and experiment.

All solo actions, basically kills, give extra experience. Healing teammates and capturing objectives, even kill assists or teammate rescues will give you a penalty. Great for one shot one kill snipers, players who love team deathmatch, and those who concentrate on killing above all else.

You get a bonus for non-combat actions, basically healing with the Motivator and spotting with the Targeting Goggles. Hurting enemies drains your bonus. If you’re capable of being a true support player and not firing a round, try this Psych Profile.

Your highs are high and your lows are low. When your team is in the lead, you’ll earn bonus experience, when your team is lagging, it’ll start draining. A good way to stay motivated!

Body Dysmorphic:
Maybe the simplest Psych Profile, you’ll get bonus experience for using Speedy, the lightest Body Type. Don’t use this with any other Body Type, as it results in a penalty.

Sort of a more versatile take on Anxious, it’ll make you a real team player. There’s an experience bonus for team actions, such target spotting with Motion Sensors or Goggles, capturing objectives, and healing others, but you’re penalized for solo kills.

You’ll get extra experience when you’re in the top three on the scoreboard, but you’ll lose out when you’re not. Good for objective focused players who often find themselves at the top of the board.

You get your experience bonus by stealing objectives from others, i.e. the battery, but you’ll lose it when someone takes them from you. Not much good in deathmatch.

Extra experience for taking damage, but you’ll lose some for every death. Basically, you want to soak up a lot of damage without getting killed. Great for Mighty characters using Horse Healthy.

It’s all about you! You earn extra costume coins, but get a penalty for helping others with revives, capturing objectives, and healing. Great if you’re looking to build up your wardrobe.

Additional experience for getting revenge kills, i.e. killing the guy who just killed you. But beware, if you fail to get revenge and that player kills you again, he can become your Nemesis, for which you’ll be penalized.

Passive Aggressive:
This is for players who like to set traps. Bear Traps, Trap-in-the-Box, and the Airspace Denier will all get you a bonus, while direct combat, i.e. shooting people, is penalized.

Hurting others gets you bonus experience, but if they kill you you’ll lose it. Great for snipers, stealth, the Horse Healthy, or anyone who’s good at staying alive.

Bonus for killing players when you are their nemesis, but if they get revenge you’re penalized. Find a player you have an advantage against and bully them for extra experience.

Alex Roth