Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide


GCI’s standard classes give you the chance to sample the game’s basic arsenal. Try all the classes so you can get a sense of what weapons and equipment you like, and therefore what you’ll want to unlock. The most interesting weaponry isn’t available here, you’ll have to unlock it for a custom class, but remember: no impulse buys! Design a custom class in your head and work toward it by unlocking items that compliment each other.

Striker -
Your basic assault class, use it to see how you like the Dawn Patrol and Persuader Shotgun, as well as the Grapple Gun and Pipe Bomb. He’s got Quick Reflexes, so running and gunning is highly viable.

Scout -
A Nimble Body Type with a silenced Gatekeeper. Use this class to sample the Bombardier, Shuriken, and the Ninja Smoke Bomb. You can make an effective custom class by switching out Cutthroat for Mad Bomber, and using grenades instead of Shuriken.

Defender -
Your chance to try the Mighty Body Type, the Horse Healthy Fun Fact, the Shredder, the Boomerang and the Glider Rig. This is a high damage dealer and the go-to Medic buddy, use the Glider to get around and dive bomb foes.

Medic -
Self-explanatory, but take the chance to try the Partisan Assault Rifle with its three-shot burst. This guy has Rollerskates, which can make it tough to land all three shots, so when building your own medic class, consider using an automatic like the Dawn Patrol, the Shredder, or a Submachine Gun, or using a lighter character who can keep up without the help of a Gadget. Also, make sure to try his Impact Grenade, it works really well with fast moving builds.

Sniper -
A basic long range rifleman, he uses the slower, more powerful Buccaneer rifle. If it’s too slow for you, build a sniper class with the faster firing, lighter hitting Marshal rifle. Use his Trap-in-the-Box to cover your rear, and his silenced Desperado is a great panic weapon.