Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide


You can adjust a lot of cosmetic details about your character, but only Body Type makes a difference in gameplay. It doesn’t just affect your size and shape, it determines Health, Speed, and Melee strength. Heavier guys have more health, can carry Heavy Weapons, and hit for more damage when using Melee, Glider bombing or Spring stomping. As a result of their size they are easy targets and move slowly. The lighter guys are harder to hit because of their size and speed, but they have minimal health and slow down when using Heavy Weapons.

Body Type

Speedy: The lightest, fastest class. To make the most of their size they need to keep moving, they go down fast when standing still. Strap on Rollerskates or Inflatable Insoles and it’ll take a real marksman to bring them down. Their speed makes them great at running up on enemies, so try weapons built for close quarters, like Shotguns or Submachine Guns.

They have slightly more health than Speedy guys, but they’re slightly slower as well. Makes a fine sniper or stealth class. With Rollerskates they’re nearly as fast as their smaller counterparts.

The most balanced Body Type in GCI, makes a great Assault Rifle or Shotgun warrior. Good for players who don’t want a niche character, this balance of health and speed makes Tough viable in multiple positions. Try him as a mid-range bowman.

Heavy enough to haul the big guns without penalty, but not as broad of a target as the Mighty. If you want something with balance, but enough health to be on the front lines, Burly is a fine choice. He makes a good medic if he has Rollerskates to help him keep up, and he gets a nice damage bonus when Glider bombing or Spring stomping.

GCI’s de facto tank. He’s big, slow but strong and healthy. The Glider Rig is an obvious choice, since it lets him get across the map more easily and he gets a massive damage bonus when dive bombing. Being slow, he’ll have a hard time getting close to the enemy, so your Ready weapon should be something with range, perhaps the Shredder or Jackhammer? Keep a Back Up that can deal with little guys who charge you. The Chaperone is a good panic weapon and you swing a mighty Falcon Blade.

Fun Fact

Fun Facts are the perks of Gotham City Impostors. Passive abilities that specialize your character, they’re divided into two groups, so players get to pick two.

Fun Fact 1

Horse Healthy:
Your max health is 15% higher, and everything heals you faster, energy drinks, healing stations, the Motivator, everything. Pair this up with a Burly or Mighty Body Type and your the medic’s best friend.

Possum Player:
If you hold off on respawning, other players can revive you. Some big pros and cons here. This Fun Fact is uncommon and since your average GCI player isn’t used to reviving teammates, they may ignore you, or it may confuse them and result in their death. On the other hand, if you have reliable teammates and good mic communication, it can be a real life saver. Sorry about the pun.

When injured, your natural regeneration kicks in sooner, and heals at a much faster rate.

Quick Reflexes:
Your gun comes up faster after sprinting, which means you can start shooting faster. Great for little guys who run a lot, also helps big guys get the most out of their sprint.

Fleet Footed:
You’re faster while running, sprinting, skating, or grappling. Great for small sprinting classes, or Burly medics who don’t want to use Gadgets to keep up with the team.

The silent, deadly type. Motion Sensors won’t put you on radar, Targeting Goggles can’t spot you, and Sniffers won’t smell you. Use it with the Targeting Goggles to avoid tasting your own medicine.

Fun Fact 2

Mad Bomber:
Your explosives do 10% extra damage. Get the most out of it by doubling down on explosives; carry a Launcher and grenades.

Flak Jacket:
Explosives hurt you a little less, but the Trap-in-the-Box can still kill you in one hit.

You deal 5% extra damage with bullets and projectiles, this includes arrows but not explosives, i.e. anything affected by Mad Bomber. Great in conjunction with a high rate of fire, try it with the Shredder, Desperado or Dawn Patrol.

Kinda Bulletproof:
Enemy bullets and arrows do 5% less damage.

You do more damage with blade attacks, your melee knife and the Falcon Blade included. Makes a for nice surprise when using lighter classes, or any build that likes to get in close.

Attacks from the melee knife and the Falcon blade hurt you less.

Headshots, Boomerangs, Glider attacks, Spring stomps, anything that goes for your head will hurt you less and won’t stun you as effectively.

Wooden Legs:
Bear Traps don’t slow you down and the Trap-in-the-Box won’t be instant death.

Hard Target:
Enemies get no damage bonus for shooting your noggin. Equip this with Body Armor if you really hate snipers.